Monday, 3 August 2015

It's all St Louis here...

Have you seen the film, 'Meet me in St Louis'? Rosie and I watched it recently, as she will be singing one of the songs in her next singing exam. Her piece is called The Trolley Song, but the theme tune is equally catchy! That has been the backdrop to my recent sewing, using the St Louis quilt pattern.

It's the easiest of patterns, almost too much so, as it whips up too fast for you to enjoy the process. However, for a large size quilt top, it's a great project.
I spent quite a while setting aside the fat quarters needed, going for lots of pinks and purples, with a few cheeky cats thrown in...

The parcel from my swap partner in the hand stitched mini quilts arrived this morning ;-)

Along with lots of extra sweets and stationary, there was this amazing mini:

You need to look closely, to see the incredible fussy cutting that went in to those horses! It is such a detailed piece, thank you partner!

I've been hooked on dumpling pouches lately, as they make a great gift! This one was made for the singing teacher and was my third or fourth attempt at one...

The hardest part is binding the tiny inside edges! However, I have increased the size of the pattern, so they're not quite as tiny. After discussions on instagram, I used some shop bought binding, which is stretchy and thin, making it easier to work with.

The cat cushion was finished in time for the little girl next door, and she loved it - phew! 

We had a fabulous trip to Paris! Four days of glorious sunshine, sightseeing and delicious food. Hope you are having a lovely month of August :-)


  1. Me encanta la foto de vosotras dos, con esa torre Eiffel que tanto me gusta, que bonito Paris, que tiempo más bueno, me alegro que hayáis disfrutado de la ciudad y de la comida.
    Estupendo tu top, grande y muy perfecto en sus uniones.
    Muchos besos, guapasssss

  2. What a beautiful quilt it's going to be, love that first picture of your quilt on the clothesline! Lovely picture of you and your daughter with the Eiffel tower, I'm glad you had a great time in Paris. Parlez-vous français? :-))

  3. I've not seen the film but have made a quilt from the blocks, you're right the blocks do come together quickly. Glad to hear you had a lovely time in Paris. I've never been. Your swap quilt is fabulous, I love a bit of fussy cutting.

  4. I love your St Louis quilt...and should be passing through that city in a week or two (hopefully very late at night, and as quickly as possible, lol!) :) The mini is seriously incredible! And the kitty cushion is perfect! I really like the way you finished the edge :) Fun pic of you and your daughter :)