Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Spring sewing...

Wasn't it great having a Bank holiday weekend? With sunshine thrown in for good measure! I enjoyed plenty of sewing time and a little gardening. 

Having never made a pincushion, somehow I decided to cut the squares and make six in one go... They look good nestled in the Christmas tree, but had I made a prototype, I would have cut the squares a little bigger! They end up as 4 inches square, which was quite fiddly to sew.

However, that's a few gifts ready! I've also been busy preparing a hand-sewn mini quilt, for a swap I'm in. These are the latest two blocks...

 I still haven't completely decided on the layout and final design, but need to do that next.

If my pincushions were tiny, these St Louis blocks certainly aren't! I'm enjoying making them, although my one complaint would be that they come together so fast, you don't get much sewing therapy out of each block ;-) However, I think it will be a nice quilt when it's done...


  1. Que bonitos los alfileteros, parecían muy grandes puestos en el árbol de navidad, luego en las manos, ya se aprecia su tamaño. Tienen muy buena pinta esos bloques de estrella cosidos a mano.
    Muchos besos para Rosa y para ti.

  2. Que fotos tan divertidas y los alfileteros son preciosos, por aquí lo llaman acericos.Los bloques de estrellas me han encantado y como siempre ya sabes que me encanta tu gusto para combinar telas.

    Feliz semana.Bsos

  3. Your pieces all look lovely nestled in your garden!

  4. I made Pete a St Loius Nine Patch for Christmas. You're right, the blocks do come together quickly. Your version is certainly prettier than mine.

  5. These pincushions are great! You can't have too much of them!

    I love the St-Louis Sixteen Patch, I made one years ago and it still one of my favorites. :-)

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