Friday, 20 March 2015

The week of small things

This week I finally made a mug rug, using Julie's fabulous pattern...

Taking the photo in the garden makes it look like a huge quilt! However, it is only a 7" by 10" finished piece... Admittedly that is sufficient for a mug and a very big slice of cake ;-)

Being genetically incapable of following a pattern (or a recipe!) I did go with a few tweaks of my own. My background squares are 4", partly because I already had some, but it also worked better with the cat square. I loved Julie's straightline quilting, but didn't fancy having to deal with all the ends created by avoiding quilting over the appliqué. So, I quilted my background first, but only to the wadding. I then added the appliqué, and finally joined the whole front to the backing fabric - which didn't really need quilting. Thanks, Julie, for a great design! 

I then set to work on my next Artist Trading Card. If you haven't come across this swap yet, it is great fun! Ali has now organised this six times, and it's my third go at joining in. The theme is 'Home, sweet home' this time around. For the uninitiated, that little card of mine is a mere 2.5" by 3.5". Some people create stunning pieces that size, there is a whole gallery of them on Flickr. 

For where I'm at, simple tends to suit me best. With the little beads as blossom and flowers, this one is more ornate than the others I've done, but I'm still wondering about a second attempt, creating something more complex... At least I have one in the bag if time runs out!


  1. Ha ha - that mug rug is gorgeous and it does look huge!

  2. What a cute mug rug! I love your appliques! I will definitely have to check out the gallery of trading cards...this is the first I've seen/heard of them :)

  3. Ja, ja, ja... Fran, pensé que era una gran colcha, si no lo dices, eso es lo que parece. Bonito diseño de taza, infusión y pajarito. Y bonita ATC.

  4. I was thinking that the mug rug looked huge too. It's gorgeous though. I love the heart on the birds wing. the trading card is very sweet. I'm afraid I didn't take to working on such a small scale.

  5. These ATCs are very cool! It occurs to me that yours is all in Liberty I right? :) Will keep an eye out for a suitable theme...I've never done a swap...and this itty bitty may be a good first option :)

  6. Love that print you've used for the centre of your ATC - so pretty!