Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Pillow talk

Back in January, I had one of those evenings when you just have to sew something... No energy, no inspiration, but needing the quiet, gentle therapy of stitching.

See that pink pillow in the middle? I basically cut a load of charm squares and stitched them together. However, the end result looked so dull, I never even took a photo, and it was only last night that I got round to quilting it...

Then somehow, the finished product ended up quite nice after all, especially when it joined the others on my bed :-)

Isn't it funny, the stages a project goes through?

This little bag is a birthday gift for a wonderful friend, the sort who tells you to call her day or night, and is always there. It was a nice combination of some of the fabrics from the set I received.

After making a duffle bag recently, I started to play around with the leftover pieces. This zipper bag came together easily. Part way through the process, I needed to find my triangle template... After a long hunt, I realised the bag was a perfect way to store all my templates :-)

So now I'm all set for the next sewing retreat! Let's plan one soon :-)


  1. Que coordinada está la ropa de la cama, queda muy bonita, la colcha, la trasera, los cojines, dán ganas de meterse en ella o recostarse para leer un buen libro. Las bolsitas monísimas.

  2. Lovely work as always. A sewing retreat sounds great!

  3. you always choose the nicest fabric combinations :-) I love that daisy print especially.

  4. Lovely, lovely makes Fran, I know that feeling of needing gentle sewing therapy!

  5. I agree with Deborah - they are really fresh and pretty. And you are so productive!:-)

  6. They are all lovely, and a bag to store rulers and templates in is a great idea. Retreat? Sounds a great idea!

  7. You just cant have enough of those handy little bags, and tell me one person that doesn't mislay their rulers etc.

  8. Beautiful work - you're using fabrics to their very best potential, Fran. A sewing retreat? In North Wales, maybe?!