Sunday, 14 December 2014


In my last post, I showed the Artist Trading Card which I had made for my partner in the latest secret swap, entitled Winter Sparkle...

This week, I received my card from Helen, and I couldn't be happier:

It's such a beautiful, symbolic piece of art. The details are incredible, with loads of French knots! I absolutely love the meditative nature of the scene. As a student, I studied the Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, who wrote wonderful poetry about the pathways of life, which I often ponder on my long walks with the dog. This little card is so apt for me :-)

In my role as a fundraiser, I have been running a Christmas Market stall today. Several fabulous volunteers knitted little festive stockings for me, which looked amazing filled with sweets and hung on our tree...

When I launched the idea, I hoped to get about 20 of the stockings made, but the team just kept on going, and we reached over 300! It was a lovely way to raise money for the charity.

My own festive sewing has so far involved making lots more of these tissue holders for the different teachers and music teachers. I've also whipped up some more bags, handy for make up or even an ipad...

Buying a fat quarter bundle has been so useful for making bags with coordinating fabrics, two on the outside and a nice lining:

In the spirit of Christmas, this little deer has taken to creeping into the garden early each morning for a bite of the hedge...

It's so peaceful watching her while we are getting up. At night, when I look out, there has been a fox pottering about, but much harder to photograph! Wishing you all a calm week ahead...


  1. Hola Fran que buena respuesta de la gente para contribuir en el mercadillo solidadrio, una muy buena idea, me alegro del éxito obtenido. Muy bonita tu tarjeta de intercambio. Esas bolsas tuyas son muy bonitas. Os deseo una muy feliz Navidad.
    Muchos besos.

  2. What wonderful makes, yours and by your friends! I love the sock idea. 300!!! That is incredible. And can I say your hedge must be very tasty because that deer is looking quite "round"!

  3. The stockings on the tree is such a great idea - I hope your sale went well. And the deer is amazing - I love glimpses of wildlife :-)

  4. Love those zipped bags of yours, Fran - can you remember the name of the FQ bundle? Such pretty fabrics.

  5. Wow, you've been busy and how cute is the stocking tree! My boys get an advent calendar each year from the in-laws in Germany, made up of a row of little stockings with chocolates inside, such a sweet thing. I hope all your plans are going well and you find some time to relax. Bethx