Sunday, 5 October 2014

New beginnings...

... of a quilty kind ;-)

Simple 3.5 inch squares, so easy, but the plus quilt is actually a very effective design with the right fabrics. To my mind, cat nap suits it perfectly, especially when mixed with a few eclectic others!

Even with the help of the ironing board, I can only lay out about a quarter of the intended quilt at a time, so will have to match the edges carefully...

So far, it has come together beautifully, and I'm really happy with my choices.

Just managed to photograph the first quarter in the October sunshine! It's such a glorious autumn in England, we have been incredibly fortunate so far, with lovely warm weather for long dog walks. With a bit of luck, this quilt may be done before the cold hits us... 

Left my sewing room for a minute, and Rosie commandeered the machine! She is working on a complete quilt set, given to her by the very generous Jennifer. Do so hope she can do it all be herself...


  1. That's going to be a very sweet quilt! Are the birds and little green mice totally safe, do you think?:-)

  2. Rosita sigue tus pasos con mucho ahinco, va a ser toda una quilter. Me encanta el top de las cruces, yo lo tengo en espera, sólo lo he hecho en un cojín con bloques de ganchillo. Tiene unas telas muy bonitas y resulta un colorido muy efectivo. Me gusta mucho.

  3. what a fun quilt :-) I am thinking of a cross design for one of my sons - just need to find some time to get on with it!

  4. Another pretty quilt!
    How lovely to see your daughter making her own quilt. :-)

  5. That is going to be a lovely quilt (hope you can get back into your sewing room to finish though!!)

  6. It is a lovely quilt, I like your fabric choices - do I spy fussy cut blocks? It's still gorgeous here too, but then East Yorkshire does seem to get mild weather up to December time. We're going to Dorset for half term so I hope it continues!

  7. Love your new quilt and can't wait to see what Rosie makes out of the kit - lovely to see it off my shelf and in her hands :)

  8. The prints on these fabrics are so cute!