Friday, 31 October 2014

Bee-yond thrilled :-)

So happy to have quilted and bound my wonderful Bee quilt this week!

After a year of making patchwork strips and sending them round the group, we all met up in June and were each presented with a finished quilt top...

I'd started mine off with the row of stars, but hadn't seen it since, as it worked its way around the group. I couldn't be happier with the end result, the girls all did a fabulous job of creating rows with colours and styles that are so totally me :-)

The top sat in my cupboard for several months, while I pondered how to quilt it...

I felt under pressure to come up with something amazing...

However, me and fancy quilting aren't really the best combination!

I'm really better suited to simple quilting, and ultimately decided that, with all the lovely details in this piece, simple probably was best after all.

So, I went with a straightforward grid, 4 inches apart. It was great to notice all the sweet details as I worked on it, every time I look, there's something new to spot. How about that cute fox in one of Maria's windows?!? I'm so grateful to the girls for the fun we all had, and for a wonderful end result, destined now to cover the sofa in my sewing room. Can't wait to see the other finished items...

Just to prove I haven't been a total slacker this month, I also completed the quirky cat quilt top - 

It will need a huge piece of wadding, so quilting is on hold for now! 

Wishing you  a peaceful Halloween...


  1. Your Bee Quilt looks fantastic! It has a beautiful color range and a fun composition.

  2. It turned out bee-utifully! Such a great idea to have each person add a row and interesting to see the variety in the six quilt tops produced.

  3. Love it! The simple quilting suits it so well. So lovely to see one of the quilts finished.
    I love the cat quilt top too, you found some fun fabrics to use.

  4. Brilliant! It's so good to see one finished! And I agree, simple quilting was the perfect partner for this. Now I've just got to try and find the time to start mine.......

  5. from Lily's quilts, love your quilts!! Your plus quilt is so so sweet!!

  6. how fun to have a quilt with contributions by so many friends. And I just love your cat plus quilt - it is gorgeous :-)

  7. Congratulations on finishing such a wonderful quilt! The simple quilting really suiyts it. Your cross quilt is fun too!!

  8. I like the fact you've kept the quilting of the Bee Quilt so simple, it really does show it off at it's best. Bxx

  9. Great job, Fran! Now you'll just have to come to Wales and help me finish mine!
    Well done, m'dear :)