Saturday, 5 July 2014

This was the week...

When I finished my Scrappy Dappy Doo quilt!

This was a really fun quilt to make, and a happy finish. I used a very special backing fabric, although it needed a little extra top and bottom...

I haven't been a huge fan of green since wearing school uniform, but I really love these pearl bracelets! 

This would make a perfect and quirky looking quilt for a single bed. Whereas this...

...was also finished this week, albeit a few months after it began! This will be lovely for a little girl, and would fit either a cot bed or a single bed as a nice throw.

I love those whimsical characters, engrossed in reading their books! And the sweet dandelions...

I keep thinking that I must make the effort and venture into selling a few quilts, even if it just pays for the materials... Production will only increase here, as this was also the week that Miss PatchyRose competed for the sewing machine... At first I reassured her that I hope to buy a new one soon, and then she can have mine! But by the evening, I realised we can't wait that long... So, my dear Granny's old Singer (1970s I think) came down from the loft and went into the guest room :-)

Oh, I felt quite choked up, and I hope my Granny is smiling down on us! I am certainly smiling, when I am sewing I can just glance round and see this across the landing - 

This week also brought more fabric from America:

A whole fat quarter bundle of it! Such a gorgeous range, I couldn't resist. I'm not sure I've ever had a FQ bundle - any ideas what to make with it?!?

I may merge the grey with it, and the cats will join my other pieces of Catnap in a quilt.

Lastly, I am so excited to be doing the Big Stitch Swap, organised by Cindy and Sarah. I've not done a swap like this before, and I am really enjoying the banter so far. This was the inspiration board which I prepared for my partner. Ideally there would be more hand quilting and stitching in there, but I panicked about using other people's photos and so stuck to what I could find amongst the members of the group ;-) It is a simple swap, we are each making one item and sending it off to one person - but noone knows who is sewing for them! 

So far I've pulled out some possible fabrics for my partner, but no sewing as yet...


  1. Both quilts are great. You are very busy! Your american fabrics are beautiful!
    liebe Grüße von johanna

  2. Fran, estoy segura que tu abuelita estará feliz viendo que la máquina está siendo utilizada. Me encanta tu nuevo quilt, quedó muy bonito. Y el rosa de cuadraditos para bebé también. Espero ver que haces para tu pareja con el intercambio sorpresa. Las telas blancas y negras, quedarán bonitas una vez que sepas para que destinarlas... a mi se me ocurre un camino de mesa.

  3. Congratulations on finishing 2 new quilts. Scrappy Dappy Doo is such a fun name!! The big stitch swap sounds fun, I like the fabrics you've picked out for your partner.

  4. Two finishes! Great going. I love the fabric. Have I introduced you to the world of swaps ?

  5. LOVE your Scrappy Dappy Doo Quilt and like the name too!!
    I really like the sashing dots fabric you used...I should get some of that myself...:)

  6. I love both your quilts :-) and the Big Stitch Swap looks great fun .I'm sorry I missed it!

  7. very impressed with your wonderful quilts....... they are beautiful, may have one commissioned soon!!!!!!

  8. I'm a big fan of your work, Fran - I would buy stuff from you! Love the tale of Granny's sewing machine for Miss PR ... sweeeeeeeet :)

  9. Both the quilts are just perfect.....I agree, you should start selling, even just to cover your making costs, but it's also really nice to know someone wants to pay for something you've made. Loving the vintage machine, and I bet it's easily as good as most of the modern ones. Bethx