Thursday, 31 July 2014


All my swaps seem to be coming together right now! Firstly, my item for the Big Stitch Swap is ready for posting, as soon as the window of opportunity opens up on Monday :-)

My secret partner put together a very intriguing collage to drop hints about what she likes! As soon as I saw it, it made me think of these cushion covers which I've made before. However, as the theme of the swap was hand-stitching, I incorporated various stitch designs into the project, rather than machine quilting. I'll show you the rest of it once my partner has received it...

After watching a few Artist Trading Card swaps, arranged by Ali, I decided to take the plunge and join the next round! Then I read the small print, and realised just how tiny these cards have to be: 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. That detail had passed me by when I'd previously admired the ones which appeared online... With less happening at the moment, I decided to start dabbling and experimenting, going with the theme of this round, getting away from it all.

This was my first attempt, complete with 'signature' on the back - I went with August as that is when the swap officially takes place. For this one, I sewed right sides together and then struggled to turn it around - but got there in the end! For my next attempt, I went with a binding, to see how that works...

Also tricky in its own way, as quite fiddly on such a small scale. This is the back of that one:

And a little shot of them together, mainly because I am loving my recent brainwave of using the Christmas tree as a prop!

Next week, I will find out who my partner in the swap is, and get a feel for their tastes. Hopefully I can employ some of these techniques in the card which I then make to send away. Must admit, these are very addictive, the perfect small project for lazy summer days! However, I did find the energy to baste my giant star:

This is from the first swap I ever did, the Rainbow Charm Square swap. The top was finished ages ago, but I followed a free online pattern, and ended up so disappointed with it that I lost my enthusiasm. However, better to finish it all the same! Just to complete the four swaps I've done, this is the quilt I made from the Low Volume Charm Square swap: this one certainly made me happy, and it lives on the sofa in daily use!

Thank you so much to everyone who asked about the sale I did a couple of weeks' ago. It was great fun! I had a lovely day, sitting under my gazebo, with loads of people coming in for a chat. Better still, I also sold a couple of quilts - Posy and Scrappy Doo - and several small totes and zipped up bags. So many people commented that they have a half finished quilt at home, and hopefully they left inspired to finish them!


  1. I'm very impressed you've been experimenting with the cards already. I particularly like the bird one.

  2. I just love your cushion for the Big Stitch Swap Fran - it is brilliant. Can't wait to see the full reveal. I am hoping there is going to be another round of this swap :-) Those little trading cards are so so tiny I can't even imagine how fiddly they were - I love the hot air balloon one particularly. I am sure you will come up with a fantastic design for your partner.

  3. Really like your cards. I've been curious about them too and hadn't realized they were so small! My favourite is the bird one too. Why don't you like the giant star? It looks very precise.

  4. Well done selling two quilts! That sounds so grown up:-) I'm in the ATC swap too - I love your cards.

  5. Lots of good stuff here. I especially LOVE the low volume star quilt!

    1. Thank you so much, Christine! For some reason, your comment didn't come through to my email in the usual way, so I can't reply properly...

  6. Que trabajadora estás Fran. Me encanta ese cojín que tiene bordados a mano, espero verlo enterito. Me alegro que le metas mano a tu gran estrella.

  7. I'm glad the sale went well, and there are some lovely pieces in this post, I especially like your swap pillow and the star quilt. Bethx