Sunday, 29 June 2014

Zipped pouch...

I hesitate to call this a tutorial... Some of my Bee pals asked for a demonstration of how I make my zipped pouches, using tabs at the ends of the zips. Although I showed them in person, they asked for a photo prompt to refer to later. So, here it is! There are many tutorials like this online, but if you want to use this one and anything is unclear, please do ask.

Firstly, prepare patchwork pieces for the front and back panels.Quilt these - I used my new favourite product: fusible fleece! The zip I used was an 8 inch, so I made my panels 11 inches wide, to allow an extra 1.5 inches either side.

To accommodate that extra 1.5 inches, I cut fabric which was at least 3 inches as it needs folding. Place the fold by the zip, use a zipper foot, and sew very slowly... Repeat both ends of the zip. Then take one lining piece. For my linings, I cut pieces exactly the same width as the front and back panels, but about a quarter of an inch shorter. This just helps them fit more neatly once inside the bag.

Arrange the zip so the top edge is exactly flush with the top edge of the lining. The pins in the above photo are just securing it, you won't be sewing anywhere near them. Now place the front panel face down on top - if it is directional, make sure the top is by the zip. Pin carefully through the front panel, zip and lining piece.

Now sew slowly, using the zipper foot and feeling your way along the edge of the zip.

It helps to open things out and move the zipper pull as you go, so you don't have to sew past the extra bulk. 

Above shows the lining, zip and front. Now tuck the lining behind, gently pulling away from the zip.

You now need to repeat the stages above, laying the lining down face up, positioning the zip - which is obviously now attached to half the bag - and then laying the back panel face down.

The whole piece should now look like this...

Time to trim away any excess fabric...

The single most important thing is to open the zip right now! 

Then position the front and back panels face to face, and the two lining panels face to face. You can just see my pink chalk marks on the lining, this is where you want to leave a turning opening.

You can then stitch all round the outside, apart from the turning bit. When you get to the zip ends, gently push the fabric tabs towards the front and back panels.

Use the opening to pull the bag through, and then sew it shut.

There we go, a simple zipped up pouch with neat zip ends!

Miss PatchyRose came running in with her Kindle, to see if it fitted - nope! Good, this one is actually for me :-) Lately I've cut back on making quilts for other people - hardly anyone would realise the expense and the time that go into them. So, we keep the quilts, but I make endless bags and pouches as gifts, and never keep them for myself. 

This one has now joined the shelf of good and special things in my sewing room...


  1. Thanks so much for doing this. I'm thinking of making one for one of William's teachers as an end if year gift.
    The corner of your sewing room looks gorgeous.

  2. This is a nice zipped pouch. A good tutorial.
    liebe Grüße von johanna

  3. Thanks Fran, now I can do it without you (not as much fun, though!) The one we made is being put to good use - it has all my scissors and rotary cutters packed safely for the move :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your method for making zippered pouches. I really like the way you've made your pouch so wonderful scrappy in colourful fabrics.

  5. Es precioso y las telas son una maravilla y tu estudio me encanta!!

  6. Brilliant tutorial, it makes such a nice, tidy, pouch zip. Thanks for sharing! Bethxx