Wednesday, 23 April 2014


You may remember, back in December, that Miss PatchyRose sweetly selected some charm squares and stitched them together to make me a cushion for my birthday...

She finished the piecing, but this term was then ridiculously busy, and it was only in the last week that we found the time to finish it. So worth it though! Rosie pin basted it, then quilted it all herself :-)

Isn't it great? To help her out, I made the backing and did the edge binding. After all, at only 9 years old, I want her to enjoy her sewing and not be put off by the more tedious bits! Best of all though, I was fed up with doing envelope backings. I've done quite a few recently and, while they are ok and a quick fix, they do waste fabric and tend to gape a bit. Deep in my stash, was a long zip which my granny gave me around fifteen years ago when she cleared out some sewing items! A perfect size, and I decided to make a feature of it, rather than try and hide it...

It's extra nice to feel that this cushion has been contributed to by three generations! At 26 inches it is a perfect size, and really nice and squishy for the sofa.

Last night, Rosie announced she needed to take her sewing box into school, as they would be sewing today. She was so excited - even though it is a huge box - and got it all packed and ready!

By the time she'd finished, there were about three tape measures and four boxes of pins in there, with at least three pairs of scissors. She was certainly prepared for all eventualities, and I can't wait to hear what they made today.


  1. That is such a fabulous cushion. Miss Patchy Rose has done a wonderful job choosing fabrics and sewing together the front!! I love the back too with the big pearl bracelet fabric. It's so special the you were able to use your grandmother's zip.

  2. How sweet of Rosie to make the cushion for you, it's lovely.
    William starts textiles this term. I'll be interested to see what he makes.

  3. Beautiful cushion! And so nice that you are passing along your love for patchwork.

  4. way to go Rosie - it is fantastic :-)

  5. How lovely that you get to share this wonderful craft together. She's made you a gorgeous cushion there, Fran :)

  6. It's lovely that Rosie is so excited about sewing and how nice is the cushion?! Really like the zip detail as well, the perfect finish for the back, I do like a zip feature in contrasting colour. Bethx