Sunday, 6 April 2014

Conflicting messages...

My sewing has been a bit sporadic over the last fortnight, life has been too much work and not enough play... Sadly our sewing bee weekend had to be delayed, as dear Jen tripped and landed in hospital, causing much concern! Thankfully she is back home now, and we are all so hoping she gets well soon. 

I've been on a roll with zippered bags! They are quite therapeutic to make, and useful for presents. Sometimes it's nice to start and finish a project on the same day, too. 

I've just completed hand-stitching the binding on this Liberty and linen quilt. This was one of those projects without a definite purpose, I just fancied using up these fabrics, which were leftovers from previous quilts, and wanted to experiment with the linen combination. It's large enough for a pram, or even a small cot, but more likely to end up as a throw over a chair. 

Love the backing! This grey spot fabric is really a favourite of mine. While we were outside, I tried to take advantage of the daylight to get better pictures of Posy and also my progress with the triangles...

Couldn't do much about the wind though!

Rosie, meanwhile, was looking over my shoulder as I browsed blogs, and caught me checking out the publicity for the Far Far Away release... In the blink of an eye, she went seamlessly from saying, 'No, mummy, not more fabric!' to, 'Oh, I love those unicorns... let's get them in purple!' I rest my case.


  1. Feliz aniversario Fran, se os ve muy guapos y felices.
    Que decir de las bolsas, son bien bonitas, me gustan las dos, la más moderna y la más dulce. El quilt gris con lino es genial, menuda manera más buena de aprovechar los trocitos, queda estupendo. Y en breve veremos los otros dos top que lucen de maravilla. Mis deseos de que Jen se recupere lo más pronto posible.
    Besos para los tres.

  2. Congratulations Fran - hope you enjoy a wonderful anniversary :-) Loving your wips and the liberty/linen quilt is beautiful. Wondering - did you use interfacing on the liberty? I saw some people recommending that for when combining the two, but am more keen to try without!!

  3. Lovely quilt tops, it looks like you need to do some quilting now.
    Great photo of you both looking very smart.

  4. Feliz aniversario. Estáis muy guapos y espero que la fiesta haya sido mágica.Los tops y los necesers son preciosos y me encanta tus telas!!

    Bss y feliz semana.

  5. Happy Anniversary - what a lovely photo. Love your zippered bags - I now have two of them! Your Liberty linen quilt is one of the prettiest simple quilts I've seen for ages ... very nice indeed :)

  6. Happy Anniversary and lovely pic of you both :)

  7. What lovely zip up pouches, very sweet. I also like your square quilts, there's something to nice about good ole squares.

  8. Just seen this post (can't keep up with Bloglovin' some days), Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for the photo. You both look super elegant and especially you Fran! The clutch/matching lapel Tudor rose is very clever.