Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bowled over...

Do you keep track of competitions and giveaways? I don't, and I really never  expect to win... So, it was such a fabulous surprise to get a lovely message from Ali, saying I had won her incredibly generous Liberty charm square giveaway! Truthfully, I was a bit choked up by the news :-)

If you haven't come across Very Berry Fabrics yet, I totally recommend you take a look! Ali has a fabulous stock of Liberty, and her prices and customer service are superb. I have previously purchased from her, and she made me a custom order of 7 inch squares. I soon found I could trust her judgement, and just request colours, rather than bother choosing the exact fabrics. 

This is what arrived today, as part of her new charm club, building up to making a whole quilt. There's a post all about it here, and a picture of the most beautiful quilt... Trust me, it's worth a look. There may still be time to join in, if you fancy it?

I can't get decent photos at all at the moment, but needed to get this next bit blogged about: after months of anticipation, my sewing bee is getting together at the weekend! We have so many plans, I doubt we'll get half of them done, but the request from me was a quick session on fitting zips into pouches.

I promised the girls a photo of what was needed, just in case they had time to prepare any of it in advance... In this instance, I made two patchwork panels, and quilted them. The width is approximately 3 inches wider than the zip, so 1.5 inches at each end. I find that just right to give neat-ish tabs like these:

This little pouch needing finishing, ready for a birthday this week!

However, I have prepped another one, in case we need a demonstration model.

Other bits in the pipeline here are squares, perfect for easy therapeutic sewing:

And triangles, perfect for those more challenging moment:

I have a love-hate relationships with triangles! However, this is my third attempt, and experience is paying off. I used 9 fat quarters (this is for a single bed), and got 15 triangles and some end pieces out of each one, with very little waste. Using my long, straight ruler, I cut 6.5 inch strips, which is the maximum height of my triangular ruler. This meant I could get 3 strips out of each fat quarter. Personally, I wouldn't sew triangles any smaller than this. They look big when you cut them, but so much smaller once sewn!

So looking forward to meeting the team at the weekend, and bringing home the quilt top which I started way back last summer, and which has since been added to by five different people... What will have happened to this?!?


  1. so happy for you Fran. You will make an amazing Liberty quilt :-) Absolutely love your triangles too - the fabric combination is perfect - so pretty. Enjoy your sewing time away :-)

  2. Congratulations on your win, what lovely prize! Lots of lovely works in progress too. I hope you have a great time with your sewing buddies this weekend :)

  3. Lucky you to win the Liberty fabrics.
    Thanks for the photo for the pouch. I'll bring fabric for a non quilted one.
    Your strip certainly looks different now!

  4. Fran, you lucky girl! Love your pouch and the travelling quilt is looking brilliant!

  5. Que bonitas las telas y que bonitos las bolsas. No he hecho nada con triángulos, tendré que probar... en otra vida.
    A ver como es tu round robin.

  6. How fantastic! You lucky thing:-)

  7. Such lovely Liberty. Look forward to seeing what you make with it.
    And hopefully we will get our weekend, or at least a day, sometime soon when Jen has recovered :-)

  8. Lovely makes in this post and well done you for winning a giveaway (I rarely win either) what a nice surprise for you :)