Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Generally speaking, I sew with a project in mind. It may take some time to come to fruition, and there may be several going on at once, but there is usually a plan of some sort. Lately though, I've been feeling I should experiment more, and try a few blocks just to improve my skills. There have been some stunning blocks emerging in our sewing bee, as well as a few doing the rounds on the blogosphere. First up, I went for HSTs mixed with solid grey...

This wasn't anything challenging, and I went for the incredibly simple charm square approach. 

What was new to me, was the combination of bright colours with the solid grey. I wouldn't normally pay for a charm pack of plain grey, but the Black Friday price tag made it easy! I love the look of these, and soon had two large blocks whipped up...

My daughter starts singing lessons at the weekend, and was keen to have a new bag for her music. I wondered about using these, but the bag would come out rather large... Also, although she fancied it, by then I was thinking what great cushions these would make! Just need to add another column to square them off. So, needing to create a more tempting block for the music bag, I came up with this layout:

With seconds to spare before school pick up, I managed to sew them together, and leave them strategically arranged with the backing fabric and the lining...

Thankfully, she is thrilled with the idea! Just got to finish the bag now. In the meantime, I was also tempted to try a block which Julie has written a great tutorial for. Julie is fast becoming a sewing guru, and sharing brilliant tips and ideas. I've seen plenty of beautiful curved blocks, but never before attempted one myself using machine sewing. I deliberately picked some charm squares which could be spared if it all went horribly wrong, but Julie's guidance was brilliant and resulted in this:

It definitely wasn't perfect, and I needed to trim the four pieces before joining them. However, the fact that it's not going in the bin is a huge result! Even the back looks fine...

If you haven't tried this, do have a look at the tutorial. Must admit, it was a relief to find I had an 8 inch bowl in the kitchen cupboard, so could skip stage 1! It was, however, my first use of freezer paper, despite having had some for years. 

As ever, I've had good company in the sewing room today! 


  1. Rosita estará encantada con su bolsa en la que luce su preciosa inicial. Ya veo que tu acompañante de costura está feliz entre tanto cojín bonito y lo bien que parece sentarle que duerme plácidamente.
    Veo muy bien el bloque curvo. Estás muy costurera.

  2. Your curves look great! I still haven't felt brave enough to try them. I also really like your HSTs with the grey! So fun!

  3. Your HST look great with the grey, so look forward to seeing the completed cushions. I loved that tutorial for Drunkards Path, curves are always a bit of a problem for me, so this might be a thing to try.

  4. You are too kind, Fran, and you did make me giggle at you not wanting to create a circle on the computer!!
    I just love your colour combination in the HSTs. They will certainly make very cherry cushions :-)

  5. Fabulous work. I'm sure miss P.R will love the bag.
    I'm planning on trying out Julie's tutorial.

  6. Wonderful work, Fran, you have been busy and I love those HSTs mixed with the grey. Miss PR is getting quite a collection of bags :)

  7. visiting from WIP wednesday. You certainly are getting through the projects at the moment. Well done.

  8. Inspired by your neatness and LOVE your quilting companion!

  9. I read Julie's tutorial too, and thought I need to give it a go. Love your half triangle blocks - those colours look great with the grey.