Sunday, 1 December 2013

The week of small things...

Sewing time mainly seems to be at weekends recently, so it doesn't always feel like I get much done! Bigger projects are on hold for the time being, but it has been nice this week to achieve a few small things. Yesterday we spent the morning at two different Christmas fairs, which somehow inspired me to come home and whip up a festive table runner...

I'd been mulling over using my triangle ruler to make some Christmas trees for a while. I haven't been the biggest fan of triangles, but actually this is my third use of the ruler, and this time it all went very smoothly. During the week, I rustled up a couple of fabric bags...

This one is more of a make-up bag, though I think it would also fit a kindle or small tablet. There was a piece of blue polka dot lying around that was the perfect fit for the inside - 

This larger bag was made specially to accommodate sheet music books, and would take a few thin books.

The interior gives a clue about its purpose...

All in all, the Christmas gifts are starting to come together!

Apologies if you have left a comment lately and I haven't responded. I've been struggling with the changes made to Yahoo email accounts, as all the comments are now put into one thread, making it difficult to reply to each one separately. Hopefully I will work it out soon...


  1. Great week, well done on your Christmas progress, mine is almost non existent!

  2. you are doing great - much better than me! I need to start earlier next year!!

  3. There are some great Christmas gifts there :-)

  4. Wow you have been busy - fab collection of makes! - I especially love the choice of fabrics on your music bag. What's the blue fabric with white sprays of flowers?

  5. Know what you mean about weekends, Fran! These are beautiful gifts - really like the music bag, nice touch with the lining fabric :)

  6. Fran que bonito camino de mesa navideño en unos tonos diferentes que me encantan. Tus combinaciones de telas son siempre muy frescas, muy alegres.

  7. Lovely makes, especially the christmas trees, I really do like those, they work perfectly. Bethx