Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Progress report ;-)

Sunday's sorting made it easy to get started on the patchwork! 

Pretty soon, this selection of charm squares and some 6 inch squares was organised into groups. Each one contains 8 low volume charm squares, one really colourful one, and two 6 inch squares - which will be cut into quarters, giving me eight little 3 inch squares.

A quick test of the layout...

And the first couple of blocks came together really quickly :-)

Best of all, I decided to follow Julie's genius idea with the corners which are cut away. This is a fabulous trick, and saves waste but also creates another mini project along the way! Here goes...

Mark out a line and sew along it...

Before cutting the unwanted part, mark another line half an inch down from the sewn line. Then sew this one too.

Now you can cut between the sewn lines, and gather up all the tiny pieces ready for some pinwheels!

And the result so far? Four main blocks, and eight mini pinwheels! These are less than 4 inches across, and will still need trimming, but so cute...

Wishing you a fabulous evening to end the year!


  1. I love what you've been upto so far. I've told myself that I can't do anything with my L.V charms until I've finished some other projects

  2. It's going to be lovely. You are so well organised:-) Thanks for the progress shots because they make your process really clear.

  3. it looks fantastic - I love this idea for using charms. Have a Happy NYE :-)

  4. Fran un trabajo rápido, bonito y con una mezcla de color que me gusta mucho. Feliz nochevieja y buen año que pronto comenzará.
    Besos para toda la familia.

  5. Ha! I just did the same thing with my Honey Honey corners! Nothing like a bowl full of sweet bonus HSTs! I love the LV with the bright splash!!!