Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ding Dong The Quilt Is Done!

Phew and hooray, this red and grey quilt is finally done!

Inspired by Rita, of Red Pepper Quilts, who does such beautiful simple designs, I started this over a year ago... 

The top was finished in the summer. I made it in four large sections, then joined them. One infamous moment involved the cat knocking a key square onto the floor and feeding it to the puppy...

And it has been an absolute pig to quilt!!! Seriously! I wanted to do straight lines, decided it would take too long, and went for easy loops in columns from top to bottom. Never had quite so many tension problems, had to rip out loads of quilting, lots of the machine grinding to a halt as the bobbin jammed, even had a brand new needle snap in half...

But here at last and, although not a Christmas quilt, certainly festive colours to brighten up the guest bed :-)


Since today is my birthday (ssh!) a couple of nice gifts for me! My in-laws sent a wonderful book, which I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into -

Meanwhile, Miss PR decided she wanted to make me a cushion. So far she has chosen squares from my rainbow charm swap and sewn them together all by herself...

Over the next couple of weeks, we will find the time to quilt this and turn it into a cushion for the sofa. I'm off for birthday coffee and cake now with friends :-)


  1. Happy Birthday! Your quilt is fantastic - well done for quilting such an enormous one and for carrying on through the tension problems! It's lovely.

  2. Happy birthday too you!!
    Lovely quilt, sorry to hear about the quilting problems. It's such a pain when that happens.

  3. Happy Birthday Fran. Hope you enjoyed a lovely piece of squiggly cake. The quilt looks wonderful. It must have been so hard to have to unpick some quilting. I'd have thrown it in the back of a cupboard, so well done on finishing it, and Oh My! that cushion is going to be wonderful. Well done to Miss PR.
    PS I'm sure I've said this before, but you're cat is virtually identical to one of mine !

  4. Happy day - gorgeous quilt too, really stunning, well done on getting it finished.

  5. Feliz cumleaños, muy, muy feliz. Supongo que ya te habrás comido el trocito de tarta con los amigos y familia. Ummm que ricoooo.
    Rosita ya cose de maravilla está genial ese futuro cojín.
    Me encanta tu colcha en rojos y grises, es tan sencilla y tan bonita que los invitados estarán felices pudiendo disfrutar de ella.
    Ya nos enseñaras que haces con los modelos del libro que te han regalado.
    Muchos besos y tirones de orejas.

  6. Happy Birthday Fran. Love your quilt - well done for getting it finished despite all the hassle :-)

  7. Happy Birthday to you! and nice to see the finished quilt, well worth all the effort (snapped needles and all!). Bethx

  8. Beautiful work from both of you! Miss PR is a quick learner, hey?
    Love the loopy loops - you'll have to show me how you do them!