Monday, 4 November 2013

Patchwork Pencil Pouch

We are very fortunate that Miss PR has had the same, delightful group of friends for years now. They all tend to go to one another's parties, and I try to make most of their presents. Rumour has it that the recipient of a fabric covered notebook last month was a bit disappointed when she saw the parcel, assumed it was a novel, and said sadly to her mother that I normally make her something, but clearly hadn't. Apparently she was then thrilled to find her gift inside, which made me very happy! Nice to know the effort is appreciated. 

What I'm less good at, is keeping a record. Over the years, the girls have had bags, cushions, and notebooks, but I'm not sure who's had what! So, time for a new idea, and with four to make, something speedy...

These little patchwork pouches were easy to whip together, and also gave me some practice with zips ;-) With hindsight, I shouldn't have sent the first one off as a thank you to Catherine, as subsequent ones have been much better made. Oh well, crafty people often just love to have something handmade, and we are always more critical of ourselves!

The fourth one, hot off the sewing machine, is a larger version, and could almost be used for a sewing project bag. No doubt the girls will find a use for them! 

My new job has been thoroughly enjoyable, though with plenty to keep me busy. Only a few weeks' into it, I had to read the prayers at our local cathedral, on behalf of the charity. Gulp. In front of the mayor, tons of dignitaries, and lots of people with medals and awards. No pressure then! I decided to buy a new jacket, and went for a plain grey, textured one, which can be worn with all sorts of other things. Up against all those medals though, I did feel a bit plain... All sorted for next time though, I splashed out on one of Beth's beautiful brooches, which happens to be in our charity colours :-)

Miss PR and I had a lovely few days in York last week, being very cultured and enjoying the museums. It's nice to be home though, especially with the colder weather kicking in. I also have an exciting new project to look forward to, another charm swap, but this time low volume, something I've been wanting to get into for ages. I read about it here, and faster than a speeding sewing machine, not only joined up, but messaged a few friends who leapt in too! That will make it all the more fun, to see what everyone makes with their fabrics.

Have a great week!


  1. The pouches are very lovely!
    I'm sure the girls will find a use for them! :)
    lg johanna

  2. Hola Fran, me gusta tu broche. Si el traductor ha funcionado, supongo que pasarias el trago de hablar en público con soltura. Me gustan tus bolsitas, las cremalleras te han quedado estupendamente. Los trabajos hechos a mano se agradecen, ahora mucho más que en un tiempo atrás.
    Me alegro que los dias de vacaciones hayan sido buenos.

  3. We all thought it was beautifully made - even my husband noticed:-)!

  4. Gorgeous pouches! I have the same problem with remembering what I've made for whom! I have 2 nieces with birthdays before Christmas too which makes t tricky! Maybe if I look back through photo's I might remember! Good to hear that your daughters friend likes something handmade!

  5. Lovely pouches. I'm always super critical of my zips too…. we are so hard on ourselves aren't we!!

  6. Thank you for the lovely mention :) and I'm impressed by your public speaking as I am rubbish at it, happy to be on a stage acting but I'm really awful at speaking as myself in front of people I don't know. Great pouches and such a nice thing to know your homemade gifts are so well received. Bethx

  7. The pouches are lovely. I suppose that's one good thing about having a girl, their friends appreciate hand made gifts more than boys, not that I'd swap my boy of course.
    So glad you enjoyed York. Where did you stay?
    Well done for reading the prayers in front of all those people. I bet you looked very smart in your new jacket.