Monday, 18 November 2013

Festive fabric fun...

Finally whipping up a few Christmas presents!

The tissue holders are an old favourite, but I tweaked the pattern to create a wider cuff, showing more of the lining fabric. The circular basket was an 'invention' based on having seen similar things online, but making it up as I went along. It would be a nice container for a bottle of wine as a gift. Sewing the circular bottom was a useful challenge to tackle, I'm sure I'll make another of these, but a wider one.

This fabric roll was a kit I bought over a year ago... The pattern wasn't entirely straightforward, and I will adjust it next time, but I'm so very glad I persevered!

Now I know the basic technique, I anticipate making many more of these :-)

It provides great storage for jewellery, make up, or sewing supplies... Thank you for all the suggestions that came in for using festive fabric, I still have plenty left for other projects!


  1. There are some lovely Christmas fabrics there! You have been busy

  2. Fran, han quedado genial esos guardapañuelos de papel así como la bolsita y el neceser portátil.
    Te adjunto un link donde Marisa explica como hace bolsitas muy parecidas a la que nos enseñas. Estoy segura que te será de utilidad.

  3. Great gifts, Fran and I love the Reindeer fabric - very cute!