Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dog tired...

Somebody came home from her walk this morning and found a lovely sunbeam on the guest bed... We didn't have the heart to move her! It's nice to see the patchwork being enjoyed.

This week my fabric for the low volume charm swap arrived. It's being organised by Rachael, and several of my bloggy pals are joining in. It's always quite tense cutting up the charms for a swap, as one false move and you could find yourself having to buy a new piece! Fortunately, there was a rare moment of calm here yesterday, so I used that to turn this:

into this:

 ...which is all ready to send!

Obviously it's not worth the postage ordering just one metre of fabric, so I added this great music to my order...

I would like to make a special present from it, just pondering ideas still! And on the subject of ideas, I also ordered the mittens fabric, shown here with my entire collection of festive fabrics...

Does anyone have any inspiration for Christmas gifts made with festive fabrics? Other than stockings... ;-)


  1. Cute dog, I wouldn't have moved her either! Love your LV fabric - great choice. Festive fabric gifts? Hmmm - I made a mini Pants Bag yesterday band filled it with sweets for a birthday girl. You could fill them with different gifts, depending on the recipient. Or a Christmas cushion?

  2. Tiene carita de enfadado aunque yo creo que debe de sentirse muy a gusto sobre tan bonito quilt.
    Un beso.

  3. Love your LV swap fabric. I have mine but just need to get round to cutting it. You are very organised.
    I was going to say a Christmas cushion too. What about a table runner or Christmas wall hanging?