Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thank you... Catherine of Knotted Cotton! Recently Catherine blogged about the beautiful music bag she had just made for her daughter. Miss PatchyRose happened to be reading over my shoulder, and fell in love with its extreme cuteness! We dropped a hint to Catherine that she might think about a little business venture, and she responded by so kindly whipping one up as a gift. Isn't blogland the best?!? 

Catherine has much better photos on her blog, which clearly weren't taken late at night in the dark British autumn! Needless to say, this made a little girl very happy when she got home from school, and her piano teacher arrived a few minutes' later and was full of admiration too. If you aren't yet familiar with Knotted Cotton, do drop by, and consider joining the Slow Blogger movement which Catherine began!

My own sewing has been simple stuff this week, begun on Friday night, when the methodical joining of squares was all I needed. This charm pack had been in the drawer for ages, so long it had somehow lost one of its squares, meaning I couldn't do a 6x7 layout. However, the last thing we needed was another small quilt...

So, I went for a giant cushion instead :-) Perfect for the guest bed, for visitors who like to sit up and read. Despite coming from different designers, I love the way it coordinates with the quilt.

The five spare squares found a home on the back, along with one random one...

Lucky I had that half metre of the same range in the drawer! There's only a scrap left, so it wouldn't have fitted without those extra squares. Another satisfying project, and nice to manage it from start to finish in a few days, without it being too taxing :-)


  1. You're right. The cushion and the quilt go really well together. Look forward to seeing what you make next!

  2. What a wonderful gift! Blogland really is a great place. The cushion does go well with the quilt, it all looks very cosy and welcoming, perfect for a guest room. Bx