Monday, 28 October 2013

Sewing up a storm!

Bloggy friends in Britain will know that we all had to hunker down last night, and sleep through what was apparently the worst storm for 30 years... Thankfully, since our house is surrounded by large trees, the only damage here was that hubby couldn't get to work today with the trains not running ;-) Instead, he sat at the computer, and Miss PR and I had a lovely day of pottering about.

I may have produced a number of drawstring bags in the past...

None of them for me though! Good job Jen came to the rescue with one of her fabulous Pants Bags :-) 

The pattern I use works well for a smaller bag, but Jen's design is great for a bigger one, and would lend itself well to accommodating school sports' kit. So, with time on my hands today, I experimented a bit, and came up with a different design which pulls from the top, and is a bit more robust...

In fairness, I didn't make this one especially large, as I didn't know if it would work. However, it was rapidly claimed by Miss PR as a suitable carrier for her underwear and socks for a mini holiday we are taking this week. So, we will have coordinating bags for our pants!

The next project involves some speed sewing, with a number of little people's birthdays coming up:


Have a great week, especially those on half term!


  1. Lovely Fran, Miss PR's Pants Bag looks fabby. Hope you're safe from the howling winds on your holiday :)

  2. Those bags are all so pretty. Have a wonderful time in one of my favourite places!

  3. Fran, me alegra saber que estais bien y que afortunadamente no os ha pasado nada. Me encantan tus bolsas y yo soy propietaria de una de ellas que uso con asiduidad. Te quedan fabulosas. Todas son bonitas. La que más la mía, ja, ja, ja.... y la de caperucita.
    Te has hecho una experta en hacer bolsitas.
    Esperaré a ver que haces con los cuadratitos y ya me imagino lo contentas/os que serán los que reciban por su cumpleaños las que vas a hacer.
    Enhorabuena por la bolsa que os regalaron y que nos cuentas en el post anterior.
    Besos para todos.

  4. Glad you didn't have any storm damage. Enjoy your mini holiday :-)

  5. Lovely matching 'pants' bags! My fav is the red riding hood one from earlier. Glad you didn't lose any trees, quite a few on our lane came down, but there is so much old and dead wood there that I'm not surprised. Bethx