Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Better a finished quilt...

...than a work in progress.

This one has been the longest time in the making, and is really far from perfect! Funny how after years of practice, you can still have a humdinger... Firstly, it turned out I was not that wild on the scrappy trip when I made it myself, despite admiring other people's. Then the quilting took forever, involving a ridiculous amount of broken thread and a trip to a faraway shop to buy a new spool.

However, it had hung over the bannisters for way too long, and finally today I finished the quilting and whipped up a binding. Yes, even cheated and sewed the binding on by machine, which I hardly ever do! But, huge relief that it is finished!

Frankly, very little of it shows behind the cushions anyway ;-) And, as ever, it looks fine from a distance...

Other sewing, which was super speedy, was to whip up a little birthday present:

I'm starting to feel like fabric covered notebooks are to me what Pants Bags are to Jen!

Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Si, Fran, mucho mejor un quilt acabado. Queda muy bonito. No lo escondas detras de los vistosos cojines, dejalo sobre el brazo del sofá, lucirá mucho más.
    Muy bonita la combinación de las telas para hacer el forro de la libreta.
    Tus combinaciones de telas son siempre muy alegres, me gustan.

  2. Together we will conquer the world, Fran, with our creations! Love the quilt (shame you're 'hiding' it) and the notebook cover is great :)

  3. it looks great fran - great job for getting it finished. I love your use of different colours in this one :-)

  4. The quilt compliments the cushions perfectly, and I love the notebook cover :-)

  5. It looks lovely and goes great with your cushions.

  6. I think the quilt looks LOVELY, bright and cheerful and welcoming, and good hanging power from those little black legs We look forward to seeing it firsthand soon. Lots of love Granny xx

  7. Well done for not leaving it as a permanent WIP:-) It was worth finishing and looks great in your lovely patchwork corner! Your notebook cover looks fab.

  8. Congratulations to a job done. Machine binding's not cheating, is it?

    Cute notebook cover.

  9. It looks great to me, but I know what you mean when you struggle to get past the 'faults' of something you've made. It's why I don't make clothes for myself often, the little niggles get to me and I don't always enjoy wearing them. Thanks for your comments over at TLC and for your purchase today - the last comment just make me laugh a lot! I spy a little mouse and linen cat on one of your photos :) Bethx