Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Stars and secrets...

When my rainbow charms arrived, I felt like I wanted to put them all into one quilt... I spotted a pattern which looked like it would work perfectly. Well, it did and it didn't...

Frustratingly, the photos online managed to make the pattern look great, but I then discovered the seams don't match up. On further investigation, other people had commented about this too.

The pattern adds a border of the plain fabric around the star, and then another border using more charm squares. However, I've decided to stop at this point:

It's still pretty big, and I will quilt it and make something of it. However, sometimes you need to know when to stop! Meanwhile, our sewing bee is going strong. We are onto round three, which marks the half way point.This time I received the strip which Julie started...

It's amazing, so detailed and original. In fact, Julie has gone on and made herself a whole quilt already using this design! The strip then went to Maria, who added another beautiful and intricate row... Oh dear, how do you follow that? Well, I fastened it carefully to the plain white wall of my sewing room, and did nothing but stare at it for quite a while. Then I pulled out some fabric to mull over...

And I finally came up with something, which I completed today, and oh so frustratingly can't show you, because it's meant to stay secret until the end! So, no more than a very little glimpse...

Can't wait to post this off and make a start on round 4!


  1. Gorgeous star Fran - it looks amazing. Can you share what the pattern was and how you managed to tweak it in the end to get it to all line up!

  2. I think your rainbow quilt is lovely, I also think it would have looked lovely as a 9 patch charm quilt. You can never go wrong with a rainbow layout!

  3. I just love the bold bright colours of your star! And, yes...stop! it looks perfect, just the way it is!

  4. Wow, this star looks great!
    johanna :)

  5. Just stunning .Original and creative star.A tutorial would be welcome!!

  6. I love what you've done with the rainbow squares!! If you want the seams to line up, you should trim the sharp corner of the triangles before sewing them. Or you could line up the cross seams first and trim off the edges that stick out. It comes from cutting the ninepatches on the diagonal while there is no extra fabric for the diagonal seam allowance.

  7. Fran, falla porque las medidas están mal, no están bien calculados los márgenes, sino no tendría que descuadrase... que lástima.
    El round robin se ve precioso, a ver con que continuas tú.
    Besos para la family.

  8. You may have had problems with it but the star quilt looks great. The fabrics you've chosen for Julie's quilt are perfect for it.

  9. I cannot believe you have already finished the strip!! Will have to pull my finger out.
    I love your star - it is so dramatic :)