Wednesday, 11 September 2013


The long summer of slow blogging and sporadic sewing has changed gear with the start of September! It's back to earth, with the return to school, much cooler weather, and a fabulous new job, which I'm really excited about! It's a total change for me, as I'm now working for a local charity, but loving the role and looking forward to all that lies ahead.

We've been preparing for autumn, with this bright and vibrant Kaffe Fasset quilt. 

I used two charm packs, and didn't feel the need to do anything fancy with them!

While I was anxious about quilting it, I needn't have been. If anything, these very light and silky fabrics passed through the machine more smoothly than regular quilting cotton.

After some deliberation, I went for smaller loops and longer swirls in between, which seems to have worked out well :-)

It's a very cheerful piece, and a nice extra layer when watching the television on colder evenings!

All ready for the girl when she gets home from school...


  1. That's lovely. The colours are so warm, the fabrics don't need a complicated patchwork pattern. I love the sewing box in the background.

  2. Love it! Your quilting turned out fabby - cute little loops.
    Heating went on tonight for the first time so you'll definitely be snuggling under this :)

  3. It makes me feel warm and cosy just looking at your quilt!. I love simple squares and they'll never go out of fashion.
    I'm very impressed with the quilting too :)

  4. such a gorgeous quilt. I love the brightness of it :-)

  5. I love this autumnal quilt!
    Beautyful colours!
    johanna :)

  6. I bet she was pleased with it! It's lovely. I do love your moggy picture too!

  7. It's lovely. Sometimes simple is best. The colours are beautiful and the quilting is so cute. Was it a surprise?

  8. Beautiful colours! Good to let the fabric seam for itself!

  9. Fran, Rosita estará muy contenta pudiendose tapar con tan bonito y alegre quilt.
    Ya veo que ha pasado el control de calidad por la gata...