Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Summer days, drifting away...

...but hey, won't those autumnal nights see a return to more sewing?!? I hope so, although the last couple of weeks have been great. We've had lots of nice family time, a fun camping trip to Suffolk, which was made all the more special with our puppy. Having a dog has really given an extra dimension to long walks and holidays this year! In and among various days' out, there has been the odd bit of sewing...


My scrappy trip is now one and a half rows short of the full quilting experience... Yes, the thread ran out! So, it has ground to a halt for now. However, my Kaffe Fassett fabrics are all sewn together, ready for quilting; just a bit more anxious about this one, as the fabrics are so fine.

In rare free moments, I've also been putting something together with the rainbow charms from a recent swap...

So far, it hasn't been quite as easy going as I'd expected, even involving hubby taking a close look at the instructions, and declaring them flawed :-( However, I'm persevering, as gone too far not to!

Reading, though, has been high on the agenda, with this fabulous novel. One day a friend sent a quick email, saying she was listening to Tracey Chevalier discuss her new book on the radio, and it was all about patchwork. At first I wasn't sure what I thought, as the style wasn't really grabbing me. However, it then became a very gripping tale, and a really interesting one with some gritty moral dilemmas for quilters the world over! I thoroughly recommend this book.

This one, Patchwork Please!, arrived in the post yesterday, after seeing some of the projects popping up online. Looking forward to browsing through it later.
Hope you are enjoying these last (?) days of summer...


  1. Hola Fran... muy bonitos tus quilts de cuadraditos, el segundo tiene un colorido especial. Yo veo bien tus molinillos, no encuentro el fallo.
    Buscaré el libro, no sé si estará traducido al castellano.
    Que buenos proyectos se ven en tu nuevo libro de patch.
    Besitos para toda la familia.

  2. Ahhh... olvidaba... mis vacaciones empiezan en septiembre.... yujuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. Loving your Kaffe Fassett quilt - so vibrant!!

  4. You've had a wonderful summer indeed, Fran ... can you believe it's nearly September? Loving the Kaffe Fassett - I'm sure it'll quilt up lovely (do you have many scraps you can practise on?) Can't wait to see what gorgeousness you make from your new book :)

  5. Glad you've managed get some sewing done. It all looks gorgeous. I read The Last Runaway and loved it too .

  6. Your husband sounds like mine! Hope you work it out. Lots of lovely stuff going on!!