Tuesday, 6 August 2013


...aka too many quilts on the go! Finally finished my scrappy trip top...

It's been on the go for far too long for such a simple quilt...

Before I started sewing, I cut enough strips to make eight blocks...

... intending it to end up much bigger than this! However, this has not been one of my favourite projects, so I decided to wrap it up with nine blocks. Funnily enough, the ninth was the centre block, and the one I like the most. It has proven to be a learning experience...

I learnt that I need much more low volume fabric in my cupboard, as it would have been better to dilute some of these strong colours. Also, I learnt that I don't work well with prescriptive projects. I'm much better at gaining inspiration from blogland, and then applying my own creative touch, than trying to follow along with a particular design. However, I have managed to end up with a quilt top than I can practise my quilting on without too much stress ;-) It will look nice with both these cushions too...

The scrappy trip can now join red and grey in hanging over the bannisters waiting to be quilted...

I'm not a big fan of projects stacking up, so will need to get on and quilt them both soon. It wasn't the best time to start another piece, but I saw a design that was irresistible and a perfect use of my rainbow charms. This is the progress so far, which tells you nothing about how it should look when it's done!

I need to pick up some solid fabric for it, which I will hopefully do at the Festival of Quilts later this week. Thankfully I do have one 'finish' though, my next stage of the sewing bee. I received Maria's beautiful row of wonky houses...

I've shamelessly borrowed Maria's photo, but can assure you that the strip is even more fabulous in real life! It was quite daunting going next, and needing to create and add my own strip to this one. According to the rules, I could add either above or below. I had Plan A and Plan B, owing to my insecurities (!) so started straight away just in case... Fortunately Plan A worked out just fine - at least, in my opinion. Jen received my strip, and was very good at the sneak peek photos, making me wish I had planned ahead with them, and taken shots of the fabrics before I started sewing. However, I just kind of ploughed ahead, so can only show the end result, and hope it's not too obvious to Maria!!

 This will be posted off later this month, when we start round 3. Looking forward to the next stage!



  1. I do like the scrappy trip top, but adore the red and grey!! Looking forward to see how you'll quilt them!

  2. I love the red and grey too - can't wait to see it all finished! And I am with you on the low volume prints - really need to get some!

  3. Fran, me gusta mucho esa vuelta al mundo, es un poco diferente, no obstante el colorido que tiene es muy vistoso. También me gustan esos bloques de nine patch en tonos de arco iris y el round de las casitas es genial.
    Te veo muy trabajadora.
    Hoy aquí llovía un poquito y ha refrescado, supongo que cuando levante el día hará más calor, pero se agradece que bajen las temperaturas.

  4. Se me olvidaba, el top en rojos y grises es "genial".

  5. What sandra said! Maria's blocks look like they're coming along well :o)

  6. I agree with Mavi, whatever it was she said!
    Exciting to see the sneak peek of my strip......

  7. I love the scrappy trip around the world. The colours are great. Funny how different people see different things. Hope you are having a good summer. Susie x

  8. I spy some Bonnie & Camille in your tress. I love your red and grey quilt.

  9. Love all your work, my clever friend. The strip bee is as amazing as I thought it would be ... coming to me next!

  10. Your houses for the bee are fab. I have just finished a similar quilt top! I also agree about projects stacking up, I can never quite understand these quilters with all their UFOs, I have to finish one before I start another (more or less!) oh and by the way, you can NEVER have too many low volume fabrics in your stash!

  11. I love your scrappy trip quilt. You managed way more blocks than me {ahem I only made a shameful two before tedium set in :blush:}.
    Thanks so much for linking up this week. I am uber glad you did. I feel really inspired here xxx