Monday, 15 July 2013


No doubt you're either British, and enjoying the amazingly glorious weather we're having, or you're not British, but have already heard about it, since it is something of a phenomenon!! So, it's not exactly sewing weather, it's get out there and make the most of it weather. Unless, of course, you don't have the right clothing, since you're not exactly used to this...

Fortunately, last week Penny kindly sent me an email encouraging me to try shirring, and convincing me it really was easy... One rectangle, two straps and some shirring was all it took to make this top!

This one involved a bit more, as I needed to make it longer for me, and also added in a back panel.

I decided against shirring the extra panel, which means it lies nice and flat down my back. Although just about wearable, mine is rather big on me. However, I didn't pre-wash the fabric, so for once I'm actually hoping it shrinks... 

Today I'm linking up with slow bloggers everywhere! I haven't been that slow lately, but I still fully subscribe to the concept, and enjoy no-pressure blogging :-) Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. These are both fabulous Fran, love them, and fingers crossed for a bit of a shrink!

  2. They are fab. I'd love to make some like that, so no doubt I will be pestering you for shirring advice:-)

  3. They're lovely and you make it sound so easy too.

  4. Not enjoying the weather :( too hot for my fair Welsh skin - if I could go to work in one of your pretty tops though ... :)

  5. Lovely, and perfect for the weather.

  6. No se lo que pasa con mi conexión que va muy lenta y después de dejar el comentario no lo envía.
    Me encantan esos tops y el tuyo también. No creo que te encoja mucho, lo bueno es que si lo hace con el elástico te seguirá sirviendo.
    Veo que no tienes miedo a nada, te atreves hasta con la costura.

  7. Those are adorable! The fabrics are so cute. I hope they are appreciated ;) Enjoy the weather!

  8. They are super cute! Perfect for the summer weather. I have yet to try shirring and maybe make me a top like yours :)