Thursday, 18 July 2013

The summer of shirring...

Don't stand too close to me, or you may well find yourself getting shirred up! My original top from last week did shrink a little in the wash, and with a couple more rows of shirring is just about wearable. Only thing is, I do find it rather bright and colourful!! So, a nice grungy grey one, for those days when you just want to blend in...

Yes, shots taken at night, when I'd just finished sewing down the straps. It's still plenty warm enough here, just a little dark! Naturally I was photo bombed...

Love having different front and backs on this one, I could wear it either way round. My shirring is improving, and this one went much better. (For those who've been emailing and asking about the process, I used the machine to wind the elastic from the reel onto the bobbin today, whereas I'd done it by hand before. Machine worked much better, giving a tighter finish.) 
Today I also whipped up a little patchwork zipper bag, ready for Miss PatchyRose to take as a birthday gift to a party at the weekend.

 I am pleased to report that I was able to use two more of the blocks I rejected from my first attempt at a strip for the sewing bee! Think there are just two left in the drawer now. It also sped up the process this afternoon, having ready made patchwork :-)

I love this cute interior...

Definitely making progress with my zip fitting too now!


  1. Love your little patchwork pouches and that top is gorgeous :-)

  2. I am in awe of your zip fitting!
    Mine never look half that good :-(

  3. Genial, genial, genial...
    Que guapa y que lindas las bolsas. Estupendas tus cremalleras.
    Que grandote está el perrito.

  4. The top looks lovely. The pouches are great too, well done with the zips.

  5. I use my machine to wind the elastic for shirring as well, but not through the tension bit, I also find it gives a more even and a better stitch. Glad I'm not the only one. Love the top and your zipper pouch is great as well. Bethx