Monday, 1 July 2013


What a weekend! At long last the sun remembered to shine :-) Perfect timing, as we had a great weekend, with a 70th birthday lunch on Saturday, and the ordination and celebration lunch of a friend on Sunday. In between, not much sewing, but I did manage to whip up a little skirt for our cute neighbour who turns 1 year old today...

Do hope she likes it! Also, with the end of term looming, I followed Miss PatchyRose's instructions and made a fabric covered journal for her teacher. Apparently her favourite colour is red, so this should fit the bill!

I'm still experimenting with journals; sometimes I use wadding, other times not. I do prefer these ring bound books, but then they need the wadding, and can end up a bit bulky. Some of the reds were the leftovers from my recent quilt, others came in this pile all half price in the John Lewis sale :-)

The Amy Butler piece on the far right was an absolute bargain, and just what I need to back my gypsy caravan pinwheel quilt. My other happy fabric news, is a huge thank you to Southern Fabric. I mentioned recently that I was incredibly surprised and thrilled to win a $50 voucher to spend in their store, courtesy of a giveaway on Red Pepper Quilts. Last week, this great pile arrived in the post...

The Jubilee layer cake is going to be set aside for now, my plan is to use it in a Farmer's Wife quilt. The other pieces will go into circulation now! Hopefully my fellow Bee members will be pleased to see my fabric stash doubled in size ;-)

Today I'm linking up with Lily's Quilts, and looking forward to visiting some new to me blogs on her list!


  1. Hi Fran, I just came over from Lily's blog.
    What a tiny skirt that is!
    You've made some lovely things.
    What will you do with the smallest size, are they 2.5"?
    Perhaps a Scrap Vomit?

  2. Cute skirt and lovely journal cover, I need to get making teacher gifts and probably need to make at least 5 of something...
    Congrats on your win, always wonderful to go and spend someone elses money on fabric!

  3. I love your notebook cover! Great fabric choices! And congrats on winning the fabric from Red Pepper Quilts/Southern Fabrics! Visiting from Lily's Quilts and new bloglover!

  4. The Jubillee fabric would make a wonderful Farmers Wife. You must be so pleased with your new fabrics. I love the notebook cover.

  5. Very cute skirt and gorgeous notebook daughter's teachers don't get anything as exciting as that! Oh and the quilt in your last post is fab, I love the colours and fabrics used.

  6. Such a cute skirt, love it, and the notebook cover looks great :o)

  7. What a sweet, sweet skirt! And I just don't think you can go wrong with a simple patchwork in a bright color. Wow - congrats on your win - lucky you!

  8. Some lovely things here--I hopped over from Lily's blog :)

  9. The skirt is very cute, I'm sure it went down well, I'd have been thrilled to simply get something homemade when my boys were younger! How very organised of you to be ready with the teacher's gifts, we are making blackcurrant jam for them this weekend, not the best idea in 30 degree heat! The book cover is lovely, again I'm sure it will be very well received. Bethx