Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Murray madness...

Friday saw the finished patchwork, and today, after squeezing in a bit of sewing despite the fabulous weather in the last few days, we have a complete cushion :-)

It's been one of those projects with a few moments of doubt along the way... Could I join the four blocks without spoiling the end points of the stars? (Yes - just!) Should I sash them? (You all said no!) Was it too big for a cushion?...

Well, I got on and quilted the front. Although it's barely visible here, I free motioned loops across the whole piece. I definitely think cushion fronts are the way to practise free motion quilting! They're a manageable size, but give you enough of a 'go' to feel the benefit of having improved a little. Low volume fabric around the stars also was a good move for allowing the quilting to add a little texture, but for the mistakes not to show :-)

The backing is this lovely hexagon print. I bought a large length, thinking of it for a whole quilt backing, but there's still a sizeable piece leftover for another project. For the binding I stuck with the background fabric, and then worried it wasn't strong enough... Yet once the cushion pad went in, somehow it looked just right! It's about 20 inches square, so an oversized cushion, but a fun one all the same. It was inspired by seeing this beautiful quilt in the making.

Watching the Wimbledon final on Sunday was so nerve-wracking, even for a not remotely sporty person... I felt compelled to grab the ipad and browse a few blogs, just to keep my cool. Before I knew it, one blog had lead me to a new-to-me fabric shop, which just happened to stock a cute bear fabric I'd seen used in a project, as well as a number of other gorgeous prints...

How's that for super speedy service?!? Ordered Sunday afternoon, and it arrived this morning. The postage was so reasonable too, only £1.60 for nine fat quarters. Love the way the fabrics are tied, and better still, love so much that they weren't folded into tiny little pieces! A while back, I received some heavily creased and compressed fabrics in the post, whereas these were just folded into four, and what a difference that makes.

Over the last month or so, my fabric stash has gone from being very depleted, so having a rather nice selection to chose from! Just as well, I sent my Bee strip off today, and should receive one to get creative with in the next few days. In addition, Miss PR has announced she wants me to sew her an entire wardrobe... That will be after she's commissioned skirts for the whole neighbourhood then! We had just delivered one for a first birthday, when she told me to get cracking on a second birthday gift for another little friend.

Fortunately I am picking up speed and skill with skirts now, and changing bits here and there which make life easier. Apparently we're moving on to tops next...


  1. The cushion has turned out beautifully.
    Love those fabrics, especially the houses one!!
    Have fun with the skirt making .
    Planning to get the strip in the post tomorrow.

  2. Love the cushion, and some yummy new fabrics too, lucky you! :o)

  3. Ooh, your cushion cover has turned out lovely!

  4. Love your cushion......and that fabric with the tall houses on it :-)
    Sending my strip off tomorrow too

  5. Great cushion, Fran, glad it turned out well for you :)
    I can't believe you're tempting me to go shopping at 11pm!
    PS your strip arrived safely and it's gorgeous.

  6. Fran que bonito ha quedado el cojín y me gusta el acolchado, yo con la máquina no me atrevo a hacer círculos, sólo lineas rectas o curvilíneas.
    En el sofá queda un coordinado muy lindo.
    Ya veo que te has lanzado con la ropa para Rosita.
    Besos muy calurosos.

  7. I think your cushion cover is beautiful and looks right at home on your sofa. That's a new on-line shop to me too, I'm off to have a browse around now :) Bethx