Monday, 22 July 2013

Going Loopy...

...and not just with the heat...

 ...even though it is meant to be the hottest night in Britain for 23 years...

Nope, just when I'm already hot and bothered, I decide to challenge myself with my quilting!

Loopy, absolutely loopy!

(Para mis amigas españolas, me parece que esta vez no va a traducir muy bien... la palabra 'loopy' significa a la vez loca, y esa manera de hacer círculos con el hilo.)


  1. Yes, it felt like the hottest night for 23 years too! I'm very bleary eyed this morning.... but can still appreciate a nice bit of quilting, and I'm loving this look. I'm working on trying to improve my free motion quilting at the moment, so I shall have a go at your lovely loopy design :-)

  2. Como "loca" queda muy bien. Un acolchado libre no es, porque hace siempre como una lazada. Queda muy bonito y te hace soltarte con la máquina. Yo sigo sin atreverme.
    Me gusta.

  3. Am definitely going loopy with this heat, Fran! Your loopy loops make me smile - thank you :)

  4. I admire your determination - there is NO WAY I'm be quilting in this heat...all that fabric...and wadding....but the result is so lovely, it is definitely worth it! Bethx

  5. Que preciosidad!!me encanta te ha quedado muy bonito el quilt
    un fuerte abrazo.