Saturday, 27 July 2013

All bound up...

I'm not entirely sure that hubby understood why it was essential, at 8 in the morning, and about to set off on holiday, to devote twenty minutes to sewing on a binding... However, I do know that you blogsters will get it, right? Four days in a (fabulous) bed and breakfast in Norfolk, without a sewing machine, is a perfect moment to hand stitch the binding at the back, along with a glass (or two) of wine in the evenings :-)

We could then shoot the photos in their beautiful cottage garden, enjoying the glorious sunshine!


A wonderful few days, of being incredibly well looked after, and enjoying long walks, fish and chips on the beach, picnics and pottering about.


We've been going to the same cottage for years now, and always have a great time there. There is even a record of Miss PatchyRose's height marked up each year on the kitchen wall.


There is a lovely patchwork shop in Holt, the nearest town, where I picked up these fat quarters. It's not a large shop, but the owner really has an eye for good fabrics. There are a few to buy yardage, but it's mainly fat quarters everywhere, in random fashion, not colour coordinated, which I realised I found very helpful! Sometimes it's nice to mix and match. I'm looking forward to doing something with these two...


Though no idea what as yet! Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying these perfect sunny days.


  1. Glad you had a lovely time. I'm originally from Norfolk. My parents still live there, near Kings Lynn. We're off there for a week next Saturday. I love Holt, haven't found a patchwork shop though just a wool shop..Will have to investigate. Love the fabrics you bought. I love the houses covered in flint like in your photo. The quilt is gorgeous.

  2. What a lovely activity - on holiday, stitching binding on and all with a glass of wine ... sounds like heaven! And that quilt is delightful, Fran ... don't even get me started on the new purchases :)

  3. Fran, yo si creo que merece la pena dedicar unos minutos de tiempo para poder publicar y terminar de coser el bonito quilt que nos muestras. Me alegro que las vacaciones sean relajadas y con tiempo soleado para poder hacer todo aquello que os gusta. Poder volver cada año a un sitio entrañable es estupendo.
    Las telas son muy bonitas. Yo veo esos gatos aplicados a cojines, primero recortar la figura y luego aplicarla en otra tela. También lo veo en un delantal... y en una bolsa... y en muchas otras cosas, creo que te darán mucho juego.

  4. The quilt looks great, and you brought back memories of Holt. My Mum and Dad used to live at Hillington not far from Kings Lynn and we had so many happy times in and around Holt. I love your cat prints too.

  5. Looks fab, and you're totally right about the binding! :o)