Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wins, bees and Romans!

The last week has been exceptionally busy on the sewing front, though it doesn't feel like there is much to show for it! First up though, was some fabulous news - I only managed to win another giveaway! Honestly, I had a ten year drought on winning anything at all, and now it's been three fantastic giveaways... This one was courtesy of Rita from Red Pepper Quilts, and was a whopping $50 gift certificate to spend at Southern Fabric :-) It was great fun putting freebies into a basket, and now I can't wait for it all to arrive.
Meanwhile, thanks to Maria, I have joined my first sewing bee...

It's really exciting, and a touch intimidating! We are a small bee of six people, which is lovely and manageable, with six weeks to come up with the first row of a quilt. These will then circulate round the bee, until everyone has contributed to each person's quilt. Last week I pulled fabrics out, and made a start, with no particular plan or aim. Some time ago, I joined a charm swap, so I've been on a self-imposed fabric diet ever since, waiting for the charms to arrive! My stock is so low, all I could come up with was these experimental blocks...

I really liked some of the ideas, particularly the stars, and enjoyed the fun of trying things out! However, the colour combinations are just too bright, and a bit childlike, for what I wanted. Also, owing to an inability to follow recipes or instructions of any kind ;-) I have realised the blocks are slightly too small for the proposed width. Nothing wasted though, I rearranged four of them -

My new plan is to sew these together, quilt them, and back them with denim for a cute child's cushion. The other blocks will be turned into bags. So, caved in, and had a quick trip to the patchwork shop yesterday, for more subdued colours and solids... Hoping to get going today on the actual bee strip!

The other big sewing venture this week was a Roman outfit, for Miss PatchyRose... Her school is brilliant, but rather keen on dressing up days! Previously we have succumbed to the cheap costumes sold online, but felt this time like I should make the effort to do it myself. She ended up with a full length white tunic, with silver braiding round the hem and collar, and a nice drapey silver sash across the front. I came across a large button in my box, which looks just like a Roman brooch, and worked well sewn onto the shoulder. 

The head garland was a last minute creation, doing a mock version of the laurel leaf garlands in pictures of Romans. Many thanks once again to Jennifer, as the pale green fabric was in the bundle I won recently, and has a nice leafy print on it.


  1. I loved the colours of the blocks you decided not to use! If the blocks aren't wide enough you could always but sashing in between.
    I haven't started yet. I was planning on houses but now I'm not so sure!
    What a fabulous win, you must have loved choosing the fabrics knowing you didn't have to pay for them!
    You did well with outfit, it looks great.

  2. I'm with maria, very pretty blocks to not use!! And lucky you for the win with Red pepper, free choice of fabric, fabulous!!
    The outfit looks good, i need to get some kind of superhero outfit for my little one sorted for Saturday, oh no, last minute or what, how disorganised!

  3. I haven't started my Bee strips either yet, but if it's wet this weekend, I think that is what I'll be doing.
    I love your group of blocks with the little house :)

  4. I love the blocks you made - the colours are great - but I always like bright and cheerful :-) Well done on the win - it is so fun choosing free fabric :-)

  5. Love the star blocks in dark blue, you do such a good job - and the little star in a white toga - any chance of the whole pic by email? Love from Granny