Saturday, 15 June 2013

The charm squares have landed...

So excited to receive my parcel of rainbow charm squares in the post this morning! It's been a while since I signed up for this swap, but the colours and fabrics are amazing!

Am desperate to get to work with them, but first there's a matter of a bear building party this afternoon...

...and rather a lot of bear cake to eat :-)


  1. Looks like fun parties all round! And that cake looks superfabbylicious ... Mmmmmm :)

  2. Love the charms, so annoyed with myself for not joining in now! :o(. Enjoy the party :o)

  3. Ooh, both the cake an the charm squares look delicious, in their own way!

  4. Oh, fantastic cake! Hope the bear building party was fun - you are brave;-)

  5. Y no os dió pena partir el lindo oso de chocolate para morderlo don deleite?
    Muy bonitas tus telas arco iris.

  6. Your charm squares are wonderful - I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to make. I used to make cut out cakes like that when my kids were little. Such fun, your bear is lovely.