Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sorted! :-)

In honour of the brief glimpse of sunshine, an outdoor photo shoot... Firstly, the covered notebook which I made for Rosie's birthday; it was requested, but not seen until the day. Fortunately she is thrilled with it!

I even experimented with one of the fancy stitches on my machine, which came out well. I've struggled to get hardbacked notebooks to cover, and really like these spiral bound ones.

A lesson I learnt very quickly, is if you find a notebook that works well, stock up on them. My first batch came from Amazon, and I placed a new order for the same. However, when they came, they weren't the same, but were much thinner, too much so to be given as a gift. I have now experimented with several styles, and tried various approaches for making the covers. For our sewing bee, we decided we would each put a notebook in with our first strip, so each person can write about what they have made. This was a good use for one of the thinner, lighter books!

If you joined, or followed, the rainbow charm swap, you may spot one of the prints in there... 

It's the one with the letters on, so cute for a notebook! It's the only charm I've cut into so far, I love seeing the others lined up on my sewing table...

Yes, there was a comment recently about how well behaved the puppy and the cat were, sleeping peacefully on the sofa in my sewing room... Well, this cat wasn't around at the time! She is much more likely to make her presence felt...

The biggest result of the day, came from correcting my first strip for the sewing bee :-) Thanks to Julie's great idea, I simply tightened the seams between the five blocks, and now have a piece measuring exactly 40.5 inches as per the instructions!

Can't wait now until it's time to send this off, and receive a strip from one of my fellow bees. The full bee team are:



  1. Fran muy bonitas las fundas de los cuadernos y muy linda la de Rosiee. Tu round robin muy chulo. Y el gato es muy lindo.

  2. The book covers are gorgeous. The one your're using for the bee makes the diddy little one I bought look rather pathetic. Well done for sorting the strip problem out, it looks beautiful.

  3. I love your strip! Bit nervous (to be honest!) that its coming to me next ... oh, the pressure :D

  4. I just love those stars!!! One of my favorites. Great fabrics too! Your fancy stitches look great. I need to play with those more.

  5. your strip is awesome! the bee must be really fun to participate in.
    hurray for the sunshine and a photo op day, too!

  6. I'm so pleased the seam correction worked. It looks as though our accompanying notebooks are going to be as much fun as the quilt strips :)