Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New skills!

It's been a busy time of learning new things here lately! Firstly, fellow bee members can rest assured that the 'wrong' blocks really did make it into a cushion...

And I love them like this! It has a simple, envelope backing:

Best of all, just five years after buying a hopper foot, I finally plucked up the courage to do some free motion quilting :-) It has always terrified me, and my arms were so tense at first! I guess it helped that this project wasn't what I set out to do, so a disaster wouldn't be the end of the world...but it was surprising how quickly I got the hang of it. Ok, it's far from perfect, but, for a first attempt, I'm actually happy with this.

Next, Miss PR caught me googling skirt patterns, and announced she would like one making for her! Within minutes, she had found the perfect fabric in my stash, a lovely Cath Kidston piece, still with the ribbon tied around it... Oh well, better put to good use than sitting in a cupboard...

I love the contrasting hem -

...and the pretty waistband with a feature tie - 

I'm relieved to report, she is thrilled with it, and wore it constantly over the weekend :-)


  1. Love the new skirt, so cute! And well done on jumping in with the fmq, looking great! :o)

  2. Your FMQ has turned out great - a quilt next then?! I love the skirt. I am sure that it would go down well here too - where did you find the pattern?

  3. Love the skirt! I'm really tempted to try a skirt for me. Haven't plucked up courage yet.
    Susie x

  4. Cute,cute skirt and I am loving all the little details:):)