Monday, 17 June 2013

Bee more mathematical

Last week, Miss PR had maths homework, which involved teaching a particular mathematical technique to one of your parents. Her comment was: I think I'll teach you, mummy; I'm not being mean but daddy is the mathematical genius, and you second maths genius...

 Oh well, I know my limitations!

Or, at least, I should know them by now...

But then again, there are occasions when one forgets one is not a mathematical genius...

...and just does all the sums in one's head...

...ending up with a lovely piece of patchwork...

...which is one whole inch too long for the sewing Bee specifications!

Any advice?!? I was so pleased with it! I know it's very simple, and a bit 'safe', but I actually like it, which matters. Also, I figured it leaves plenty of scope for what the other five bee members can come up with. However, is it unfair to submit something too long, when they may have already designed their blocks to the exact dimensions? Or, will they all just be glad that someone else was the first to mess up? ;-)


  1. If you sew an extra seam line (assuming you don't want to unpick it) just 1/8" further in on each of the seams joining the blocks, you'd get rid of that extra inch. Or if you measure each one, you might find it's just one or two of them that are "off" and you can re-do just those one or two seams.
    I'm still procrastinating,over what block to do, but I'll be amazed if mine goes right first time!

  2. Ooops, but it looks great anyway if that helps?!?!

  3. Oh dear, I must admit this made me chuckle! I'm not good at maths, but if you did five 8 inch blocks then I agree with Julie that maybe it's just some of the seams that are slightly out. It's a great idea of hers too to do an extra seam between the blocks which would make the stars slightly closer together.

    They are gorgeous though. I love the bird. I think I'll be last to add to you quilt top, I wonder what it will look like when it reaches me. Exciting!

  4. Gorgeous fabric choices. Hugs.

  5. I too am not a math genius, and can't even help my daughter with her studies! Love your strip of stars, can't wait to see more of your quilt.