Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We have a winner :-)

Ridiculously, thinking about the giveaway was keeping me awake at night... Not from anxiety (thankfully) but from creative overload... Being a small blog, I know pretty much all of the entrants, either through blogland, or the real life pals who hopped over from facebook for a chance to win. So, I could imagine each of you, and your personal tastes, and had little creative plans forming in my mind! Too much!! So, nothing for it, but to get on with it... Managed to track down the Random Number Generator used so often in giveaways, and even managed to get it to work: it chose number 1 which is Mavi from Spain! Although I know number one comes up - it worked for me once - I did wonder if I'd done it wrong, but no, Mavi it is :-) Want to know what I've made? I got on with it straight away! Mavi - if you want a surprise, look away now...

A while back, I blogged pictures of these Granny Squares, and Mavi commented that she loved the fabric...

Although I actually bought the fabric in America, it is very English looking, and I love the combination of the classical roses with a more modern polka dot. The Granny Square quilt is now complete, and is a present for a special birthday coming up soon... Do you want a sneaky look?

Sorry - bad lighting in Britain right now, the weather still thinks it's winter...

Love how the binding brings it together, I had just enough of that fabric left...

Do hope the recipient likes it, I think she will.

Anyway, back to Mavi. The square scraps leftover from the quilt went into this cushion for a small person:

But that still left plenty more :-) I toyed between a cushion and a bag, and landed on this...

Mavi, if you've read this far, I do hope you like your drawstring bag. I initially used this pattern, which I've used many times now. However, I did adapt it, making the bag a little bigger, and therefore quilting it with a light interlining for extra support. I also added in the bottom panel, for an extra detail, but it was sheer fluke that the mitering of the corners matched the base perfectly ;-) The tabs on the pull strings were the last tiny pieces of that fabric, but I wanted to use several from the range. So, there we go! Mavi, please email me with your postal address, and I can get a good night's sleep...


  1. Fran... has hecho un top precioso, me gusta muchísimo como te ha quedado... eres primorosa en tus uniones, te quedan perfectas....

    Olé, olé, olé.... olé.... GRACIAS Fran.... que suerte, que suerte la mía... estoy feliz, me encanta, miles de gracias Fran... miles y miles....

    Fran, duerme tranquila, yo dormiré muy contenta...

    Muchos besos.

  2. Very beautiful and cute creations!!I like your blog!!
    I will be very happy to see you on my blog too!!!
    Kisses!Sophie from Greece!!!

  3. This is really beautiful work, Fran. So precise and pretty. Congratulations to Mavi :)

  4. Very lucky Mavi, it's fabulous :) Bethx

  5. Ohhhh Fran, is a precious gift!
    Arrived here from Mavi's blog.
    How lucky her! He takes home a superb gift!
    Kisses, Rosana
    (If you want to stop by my blog, will be well received)

  6. Yo también vengo a conocerte desde el blog de Mavi !! me ha hecho ilusión que ganase ella , es encantadora !!
    Es un regalo muy bonito !!
    Saludos desde Málaga , España !