Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thoughtful Thursday...

Yep, more thinking than sewing going on here today! However, it is also a gloriously sunny day, so a fair bit of hanging out washing too... Along with an energetic Zumba class and a dog walk, I haven't been entirely lazy ;-) The thinking though...this is the bit that may interest you! If Google can add up correctly, then it's telling me that this is my 99th post, which is remarkable for a blog that began as a knee-jerk reaction to a comment on another blog!

So, here we are, well over a year later (proud to be a slow blogger!) and having 'met' many wonderful people along the way. There are hundreds of amazing blogs which have inspired and encouraged me over the last few years, and I'm hugely fortunate to have won two giveaways recently! So...

...just suggesting, with the 100th post coming up, there may be something in the pipeline! One day I'll figure out the members button, in the meantime, if you haven't already 'followed' through Bloglovin' then please think about doing so!

In the meantime, birthdays are coming thick and fast around here, so definitely time to get back to the sewing machine :-)


  1. The cushion and quilt are gorgeous. Happy ( nearly ) 100.

  2. Congratulations on your 99th, and I will definitely be back for the 100th!

  3. Que conjunto más lindo, en la línea de tus colores, sencillos y muy atrayentes. Muy lindo el rinconcito.

  4. Bother, I missed your competition. Congrats on the 100 posts, though!