Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Winging it Wednesday

Owing to a slight miscommunication, I found myself with 24 hours to find or make a birthday present for a lovely 9 year old girl. Briefly I pondered whether to do a fabric journal, or resort to an even easier bag... Then I discovered a new cushion pad sitting in my sewing cupboard, quickly checked with Miss PR as to the birthday girl's favourite colour (red) and miraculously found a small amount of red scraps in my tub. I have very little red in my collection, but it was just enough for this:

I optimistically hoped to quilt the cover, and do an envelope backing... However, one lovely soft piece of denim later, and I went for a more realistic option given the time frame!

Must admit, I love the end result, and kind of wish I was keeping it... But no, it's gone already!

Meanwhile, the cat is enjoying her new quilt, has made no complaints about waiting years for it, and appears not to have noticed the lack of binding...

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  1. I bet the 9 year old was very happy with it - what a lovely present. I do love your cat picture! Thanks for linking up:-)

  2. It's a beautiful cushion and sure to be treasured by its new owner :)

  3. Cute cushion ... great use of your scraps, Fran ... and that is one contented pussy cat! Altogether now,'Ahhhhhhhh' :)

  4. Lovely gift for the little girl. The cat looks very happy with hers too.

  5. Simple and beautiful! Ooh, cat so cute...