Thursday, 7 March 2013

The highs and lows...

Well, I figure the earth must have stopped spinning briefly last week, because I actually won a giveaway!! To put you in the picture, the last time I won anything, was a bottle of (very nice) dessert wine in the year 2000... It has become a tradition for Mr PR to purchase our raffle tickets, as his odds have proven to be significantly higher than mine ;-)
This wasn't just any giveaway either, this was from my favourite crafty blog to actually purchase from... You know how you look at some great and inspiring blogs and think: I could try and make that? With The Linen Cat I don't, I buy it instead! The items come beautifully wrapped...

And this particularly package revealed this stunning and cheerful tweed bag...

It's so well made, and with this wonderful lining that conjures up spring sunshine...

Thank you so much, Beth, I feel very touched by your generosity! Now to persuade Mr PR to buy me a coordinating jacket...

On other happy news, after a lovely romp round the park with two other cute puppies, our little one decided on a long three hour sleep, which enabled me to fulfill my aim of making a fabric covered notebook!

I bought some books before Christmas, but didn't get round to it. Somehow I thought it would be much harder than it actually was... I've seen a few tutorials, but none that were just what I wanted, so I decided to wing it! There are a few minor things I could tweak next time, but frankly the fact that it fits makes me delighted right now!! This will be off in the post to a much valued friend for her birthday.

So, two nice highs to be thankful for, as well as fun in the park. The big low today though, was waking up to find my email had been hacked, and spam sent to everyone in my address book :-( It was very upsetting, and has caused a lot of stress today, dealing with it and the repercussions, one of which is that my phone no longer seems to be able to access my email, despite a great salesperson in the phone shop spending a whole hour trying to fix it... So, many apologies to those of you who have received spam from me today, and I really hope it doesn't cause you any problems.
Time for a soothing glass of wine...


  1. Oooh, lucky you! And booh on the hacking thing, I got an email, you're the second person in the last week, but I figured it was dodgy, so I deleted it, hope your tech gets back online soon. :o)

  2. Enhorabuena Fran, el bolso es realmente bonito... espero que consigas la chaqueta a juego.
    Que bonita te ha quedado la funda, seguro que gusta mucho a quien se la regales.
    Recibí el correo lo abrí pero no completé los datos... no parece haber pasado nada.
    Que guapas se os ve en la foto.

  3. I'm so pleased you like the purse, thanks so much for mentioning it here on the blog, and for the card you sent :) Loving your book cover, it's nice when things work out so well first time isn't it? and I'm sure your friend will love it too. I think I got the spam email from you as well, but I wouldn't worry about it, I just deleted it, so it was no problem. Sorry to hear it was such a pain for you though, I hate it when that happens. Hope your winning luck lingers! Bethx