Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm tri-ing...

...but not quite feeling the love yet... Number One Cat has had a quilt for a few years now, while Number Two Cat has just had a few fat quarters with her name on, stashed away in the cupboard. Number One's is a smaller version of this:

The bigger version was made for a friend several years ago, though now I look at it again, I'm kind of tempted to make an even bigger one for myself! For Number Two Cat I planned to do a tumbler block, which is why there has been a (3 year) delay, as I hadn't worked out how to do it. However, when I bought my triangle template recently, I figured the only difference between tumbler and triangle is about an inch, and what's that to a cat?

So, out came the fat quarters, which looked pretty nice lined up against each other, and I cut them into strips, then triangles. There weren't any instructions with the template, so I went through quite a few spare triangles before I got the hang of it... Turns out, it's much harder than squares! Finally got a couple of rows together, and then discovered it was possible to chain stitch slightly, without too much confusion. The big shock came in the shrinkage...

The bottom two rows are stitched, the top ones are just laid out ready. What a difference! And the other downside... I don't like the look of it at all!! In all honesty, it's only the second time I've had the situation where fabrics have looked great next to each other as fat quarters, and then not worked at all when pieced, so I can't complain too much. The lessons learnt are that I actually think triangles work best with fabrics which blend well, which is ironic as I often feel I blend too much. Also, if I use the template again, I will only use it for the biggest size, which makes a 6 inch triangle. The above were cut on a 3.5 inch and, for me, that's too much wastage for the end result.

Had they not been painstakingly cut and laid out, I may have shelved this for another 3 years, but since it was clogging up my sewing table I persevered to the end...

Once the quilt top was done, there was some satisfaction to be found: the overall effect isn't too bad, and what a relief that the triangle points actually match up! So, lessons learned.

On to the quilting now.



  1. I think it looks great. Are you trying to tease the cat with the bird prints!?

  2. Good Luck with the quilting, i rather like it! :o)

  3. I really like it too! I think the blue border frames it perfectly and balances the triangles out. Funny creatures us quilters, hey? Sometimes, we're just too close to our own work to see how beautiful it is :)

  4. Lovely work. Now you can start planning one for the dog! ; ) Susie x

  5. Your piecing is perfection, looks great.