Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fabric Magic!

Recently I was so inspired by Cindy's pinwheel post, and the great tutorial behind it. 

 As it happened, I had recently purchased two of the bigger, 6 inch, charm packs. One is Amy Butler, the other solids. 

I had a vague intention of putting them together, but no precise plan. A couple of emails with Cindy, and she persuaded me to go for it! I'm so pleased I did, this is definitely the best fabric magic I've come across :-) It was incredibly easy - and therapeutic - to take this...

...and this...

...add one of each together, whip round the complete edges...


  ...and start all over again! 

Even though the snow is melting, it's still very cold here. I'm looking forward to an Easter weekend of pinwheeling in the cosiness of my sewing room. 
In other Charming news, I have been hard at work pinning and pinning my colourful quilt top...

I would love to get on and quilt this, and add some brightness to the winter gloom! I will also be on the hunt for a nice pink fabric to share, having signed up to the Fluffy Sheep rainbow charm swap.
Wishing you a happy and stitchy Easter.


  1. I love making half square triangles that way, it's by far the easiest way to get consistency. :o) Another fun project in the offing.

  2. Your quilt top is really bright and cheerful. Happy Easter

  3. Hi Fran! I've just discovered your blog via Flickr, and Cindy's FSQ Charm Swap. Lovely blog, lovely work. And thank you so much for sharing how you make your hst's for a pinwheel.....daftly I've only ever used the method that makes 2 hst's from 2 squares together....doh! Hope you're enjoying Brownie camp! x

  4. I'm LOVING the method behind the pin wheel, I would never have thought of that (or is that my lack of quilting knowledge showing??) I am sof ar behind reading, I do hope you had a lovely Easter. Beth/thelinencat xx