Sunday, 17 February 2013

Such fun...

...spending Sunday afternoon scrabbling around the floor stretching and pinning a quilt...

However, it is now all pinned and ready to go! It's about time: this is actually the first occasion that I've completed a top and then not gone straight on to quilt it... So, it has been stored away in the cupboard for too long. Mainly, I think, because it is a quilt with no purpose :-( I bought the fabric on a whim, as a layer cake, and then found it hard to work with. The designs are just so cute, I couldn't bear to cut them up small.  With most quilts though, I know the intended recipient from the start, and work with them in mind. This one, I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do with it!

In the meantime, I shall enjoy quilting it in my peaceful sewing room, which finally has a shelf! I just love how that corner looks now. Our cat, Meggy, is almost 17, and has adopted an attitude like that of the Dowager Duchess: I am old, and will behave exactly how I like, and you can't do or say anything about it...

I love being able to display a few items of inspiration...

...and my minimal stack of craft books!

Right, back to the quilting ;-)


  1. I made a Sherbet Pips quilt last year after hoarding the fabrics for a while, I gave it to the Siblings Together project and believe it went to a grateful home. I'm sure it would be happily received if it needs a home! Have fun quilting.

  2. oh, what a beautiful Quilt!

    lg johanna :)

  3. Fran que bonito, limpio y acogedor luce tu rincón. Me gusta mucho el quilt de las estrellas con fondo gris, queda fantástico.
    Envidio tu orden, yo soy incapaz... si hiciera una foto de mis rincones... sería para asustarse, lo extraño es que me he vuelto más desordenada conforme me voy haciendo más mayor...
    Y tu nuevo quilt me gusta, has hecho bien no cortando trozos pequeños, el dibujo de las telas es tan bonito que luce mucho más en trozos grandes.
    Meggy es el rey...

  4. What a fab quilt, great work, and I love your sewing room, so serene, I want one! : )

  5. The Sherbet pips quilt look great. A lovely way to show off the prints. I bought a FQ bundle of Sherbet Pips when it first came out and most of it is still sitting in my stash waiting for inspiration.
    Your shelf for your craft books looks great, i love the mini quilt hanging above it.

  6. Lovely quilt, I'm sure you'll find a home for it :) And your sewing corner looks great! Such a nice little nook to put a shelf up in :)

  7. I love the quilt, I can imagine it was very difficult considering cutting the lovely patterns any smaller, especially the swinging girl, as it would ruin the image. Your shelf looks great as well, I could imagine curling up on the chair for a good read of craft books - oh, and I gave a little squeal of delight to see the fairy mouse and linen cat sitting there! Bethx