Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Crafty books

Ange is hosting a giveaway, of a great looking quilting book. There's just one drawback... to enter the competition, you need to create a craft item from a book! As seen in my last post, there aren't that many craft books on my shelf - though this does mean there is plenty of room for one more ;-)

Generally speaking, I use my books for inspiration, and for fun reading. I never follow recipes either; as my granny once said, how dare they assume you have all these ingredients in your cupboard?!? So, it's a fairly hit and miss approach here. At first I thought I would have to pass on the giveaway, and then inspiration struck, in a slightly wildcard way... So, here's my book:

Very poignantly, this book was my first ever introduction to patchwork. My mother bought it, and wrote the date inside, January 1978. I had just turned seven, and over the following months my mother pieced a few hexagons and made some pincushions. My granny, however, did a little more. Granny was crafty up until she died, with knitting, sewing, tapestry, and even making lace. In fact, I still have these tablemats she made...

I'm afraid we don't ever use them, but another benefit (thanks, Ange!) of thinking through this book review, meant that I dug them out for a photo and realised I could hang one on the wall of my sewing room. I'm not a huge fan of the colour scheme, though it's certainly very vintage, which presumably makes them bang on trend?!?

Once she'd done her patchwork, granny passed the leftovers on to me. This box of bits has been in my possession for so many years! When she was very small, I would give it to Miss PatchyRose to play with, while I was sewing. She loved making up designs, and it kept her nice and busy.

There's all sorts in the box, loads of prepared hexagons in various sizes, and some cut fabric. These ones are tiny, it will take some patience for me to do anything here...

So, what I am going to make from the book? Well, it's been such a trip down memory lane. I fancy doing a bit more than a pincushion, and I'm hoping Ange will bear with me if my inspiration comes from the book, and from the impact on three generations, rather than a specific project. I have managed to gather together all of these hexagons, already mounted on paper by my granny:

In her memory, I'm going to sew them together, and make either a wall hanging or a cushion. 

If you do manage to get this book, I really recommend it. It's funny to see how little has changed in patchwork over the last 35 years. All the designs I love the most, like log cabin and trip around the world, are in this book. It's very simple and basic, and somehow quite reassuring.


  1. Those are fabulous, and that definitely counts as an entry for the book, you don't have to specifically follow a pattern from a book, just use it as a strong inspiration, or use it for the technique- I am the worst person in the world for following instructions, there is always a lot of winging it! Good Luck, can't wait to see how it works out. : )

  2. This was such a sweet post! I love that the hexies were your grandmothers! That gives the project such an amazing touch. It'll be so lovely when it's done.

  3. Fran que forma de sacar del baúl de los recuerdos, bellos recuerdos, y además hacer algo que mantendrá unidas no tres generaciones, sino cuatro, porque Rosita va a seguir tus pasos, ya lo está haciendo.
    Un proyecto estupendo.