Monday, 7 January 2013

The charm pack bag...

I'm hooked. After making Billy's bag, I realised how quick and easy it is to whip up a bag using charm squares. I've had my doubts about charm squares before, as I do feel they can stifle creativity more than they support it. However, I laid out all that I had left over from two different packs, one of solids and one of vintage modern. Couldn't believe my luck that I had exactly the same number left of each! I decided to put them all together in one bag and just go for it. 

When I saw how the fabrics worked together, I began to wish I had enough for a whole quilt. There was something old fashioned, and appealing about the look. Simple, colourful, and soothing.

The rows were so quick to chain stitch together.

I managed to make the top in less than an hour. 

 The usual straight line quilting!  

And a rapid finish!

Uh oh... Supersize me?!? Should maybe have given some thought to the dimensions before I started stitching... Perhaps making a quilt would have been better after all...


  1. Fran, aqui decimos:... caballo grande, ande o no ande... Aplicado a tu bonita bolsa, mejor grande que pequeñita.
    En tu nueva bolsa, cabe lo poco y lo mucho.
    Me alegro de verte, operativa y feliz.