Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's a stitch up...

We're still deep in snow, and now slippery ice. It's been great fun over the last few days, but also a good excuse to stay in and sew! While the snowman is still standing, I'll happily use the opportunity to hibernate...

 So, it's now time to turn this lot...

...into a quilt. To start with, take the two columns on the right hand side and stack them carefully, with the ones from the bottom of the photo underneath. You should end up with two little piles:

Simply take the right hand one, and position it carefully face to face with the left hand square, making sure all the edges match. I rarely bother pinning, and will hold them in place. It now makes a big difference if you have a quarter inch foot on your sewing machine...

If you look closely, you should see a slight metal edge to the foot. So long as you keep the fabric butted up against the edge, you will be sewing a neat quarter inch seam, and all your squares will then come together nicely. For our next trick, when you get to the end, don't bother removing the fabric. Just do one or two stitches over nothing, and slide the next two squares under the foot.

This saves both time and thread, and also helps to keep the column together. You will rapidly end up with the whole column in one long chain...

My preference is to keep it together at this point, until each column is ready. So, I just lay it back in place, and pick up the next pile.

 In no time at all, you will get them all done.

If you want to skip ahead, the next stage is to snip the tiny stitches in between, and start joining the rows together. It's time for a warming hot chocolate here first though :-)


  1. El muñeco de nieve aguanta estupendamente y no tiene frio. Tu vas a toda máquina, nunca mejor dicho. Tendrás el top en un momentín.

  2. That is an easy quick way to make a quilt, and great that you have made a tutorial for it. Our snow has all gone now, but I am not so sad as we hope to fly on Sunday so want all the airports clear of snow and back logged people.