Friday, 18 January 2013


Today is a perfect day to be staying at home and looking after a puppy. The snow is falling, and settling deeply, and it's all white and pretty outside. 

Earlier this week I looked out and saw a deer in the garden! We live on the edge of a town, but next to a small strip of woodland which is home to all sorts of wild animals.

Today, though, it is great to be warm and dry, and able to get on with my red and grey quilt. I started this before Christmas, and cut all the fabric and divided it into four equal piles. This way I can work on a quarter at a time. The first section came together quickly, but there has been a pause since then!

However, the second quarter is now done...

 and the third is well underway...

It's a fun way of displaying a range of fabrics.

I've tested it out on the guest bed; it will be wide enough to go over the sides, but only twice the height of this photo. The sizing is an experiment, so I'll have to see how the finished quilt looks!

After making my recent charm pack bag, I really loved the contrast of mixing up plain charm squares and patterned ones. Just as I was wishing I'd done a whole quilt, I saw an advert for Southern fabric and a special offer they were doing... falling straight into temptation, I ordered seven packs of charm squares at a very good price :-) They arrived yesterday, and I am itching to get started, but trying hard to restrain myself until red and grey is finished!

Hope you are warm and cosy!


  1. Que guapo está el cachorro y supongo que feliz y experimentando la sensación de frio de la nieve.
    Genial poder disfrutar de la naturaleza y de los animales salvajes.
    Mucho trabajo tienes hecho y mucho te queda, estás en ello y llegarás a término y así podrás empezar con las nuevas telas.
    Besitos para ti y para R.

  2. Wow, how amazing to see a deer in the garden. Did the puppy see it?

  3. Lovely picture of puppy! Well done for catching the deer on film - we had an egret yesterday but I was too late for a photo! The new packs of material look very interesting and the red cover on the bed looks great. Love Granny and Addy xx

  4. Love the Red and Grey, it will be fabulous when it's all finished, and what a nice touch to do a little starters guide for your non quilting friends! : )