Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year!

Phew, I made it to 2013!It looked doubtful at times, but I'm glad to be organised enough to post on new year's day, and to wish you all a very happy year ahead.
There was little sewing over the last couple of months, but I did mange this festive quilt for my friend, Julie.

I've wanted to make her a quilt for ages, although this is only a little one. More of a sofa throw, and something to keep her warm during the Christmas day Downton Abbey. 

The design is very simple, with reds and greys alternating, but that fun green surprise in the middle...

I'd love to say that was the plan all along, but it was more of a default choice when I found I was one square short of a full load... The backing is a plain, festive red.

My other main piece of creativity came with the Brownie pack. The church where we meet was running a Christmas fair, with each stall choosing a charity to support. As well as a lucky dip, we decided on a Pin The Nose On The Snowman. The girls did a fantastic job of making the snowman from all my scraps and loads of cotton wool. I was so proud of the way they threw themselves into it.

Small visitors to the fair paid some money, were blindfolded, and then had to try and position the carrot correctly! It was great fun, and we managed to raise over £100 for Water Aid.

2013 represents new opportunities for me. Today is my first day of being unemployed! In what was simultaneously the hardest and yet the easiest decision to make, I left my job after an absolutely brutal time there. I'm hoping the next few months will be restorative, and a chance to explore other possibilities. For now though, I have my hands full with this new arrival...

Poppy The Puppy came a week before Christmas, and is a great delight to us all. Unlike Miss PatchyRose, she has slept through the night from the start, and is full of beans and playfulness during the day. 
I hope you all have lots of joy and creativity ahead in 2013.


  1. Awww, Poppy the Puppy is just adorable! I'm sure she will provide you with much entertainment and happiness in 2013. I hope you get a bit more sewing time as well.

  2. Espero que el 2013 te brinde nuevas oportunidades y que encuentres el trabajo en el que te sientas bien.
    Que lindo se ve Poppy, será una una gran compañía.
    El quilt te quedó muy bonito.
    Muchos besos.

  3. Oh Poppy looks a adorabable. I have two Cavaliers a Blenheim like Poppy named Monty who will be 5 in February and a Black and Tan named Romeo (we didn't name him we got him when he was 10 months old) who is now a year old. I'm sure she will bring you much pleasure just as mine do although they can have their naughty children moments :-)


  4. Happy New Year. Sounds like changes are afoot!! Sarah x

  5. Lovely to see a picture of Poppy.